Sunday, 31 July 2011

Really Great Raid!

Alysrazor Downed
Well all i can say about tonight is holy fricken shit!!! We headed into Firelands today and because one of our raiders didn't show up we ended up scrambling around looking for a replacement luckily enough we were able to find one pretty fast and began.

We managed to take down Shannox pretty quickly, and move onto Lord Ryholith, i have no idea why but he seemed to give us a bit of trouble tonight activating volcano's in stupid places and caused us to wipe a good few times before we eventually took him down.
Once he was  toast we headed to our old spider friend Beth'tilac which we unfortunately wiped on due to my World Of Warcraft client freezing and disconnecting me from the game, but i got back on-line and we rebuffed and one shooted the bitch dead, before moving onto Baleroc who ended up dead aswell after a few attempts.
I'm not entirely sure if Blizzard has buffed this fight without releasing any patch notes, but myself and the other tank seemed to be taking alot more damage than we normally do, but we got him so that's all that matters.

So once more we moved ourselves back onto Alysrazor, as i said in a previous post we had managed to get the overall tactic nailed pretty solid, it would just require us to step up the teamwork and we would have her down and tonight, after only about four attempts on her we did exactly that, i unfortunately got killed by my hatchling just as we entered Phase 2 of the fight for the third time, but with Alysrazor only on 10% health we we're able to take her down with just the one remaining tank we had left, so overall a absolutely fantastic result tonight!

We also had a little go at Mr. Staghelm, but unfortunately as neither myself nor my raid knew the tactics he was pretty challenging although we did manage to bring him down to 65% health after only 3 attempts, i think we have got his tactic secure now, we just need a little bit more co-ordination and i'm pretty sure he will be dead really quickly as well.

But i think that is me for tonight, unfortunately we didn't get enough signs for tomorrow nights raid so i'm getting a night off which i think will be very nice as i have been going hard at it since basically the release of Cataclysm, so having a few nights off here and there is always appreciated. And i'm sure my guildies who raid on a regular basis feels the exact same way.

But for now i bid you all farewell and a really goodnight.. 

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