Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Raid.

Well what can i say about the raid we had tonight? In all honesty it really didn't go that bad, i mean we got the Occu'thar in Baradin Hold down on the first attempt and i have to say the guy was a fucking joke, i mean does Blizzard like refuse to give PvPr's and newb pugs a challange? Maybe without Ventrillo and in a pug he would be a little bit more difficult but i really can't see that. 
But yea we finished with that joke of a boss and headed off into The Firelands and started clearing the trash towards Shannox, for anyone thats actually intrested he's some sort of Snake Huntery type guy with a eye patch, i mean i have always found it pretty stupid that they would give a Hunter who is a ranged class a fricken EYE PATCH? I mean impaire vision much? 
So we made our first pull and pretty much got owned in the face it wasn't even funny, all in all it took us 4 attempts to take him down (keep in mind that we only had our first try on him last week and it took us like 14 attempts then to take him down, so this was only our second real attempt on him). Why did it take us 4 attempts i hear you ask though? well quite simple the GIGANTICLY HUGE hunter traps that he places down is apparently stilll a bit to small for my vision impaired guildies to see, even though if Blizzard made them any bigger they would be the size of your computer screen, but not to worry as i said 4 attempts and the ugly looking freak of a snake creature was down on the floor.

After we seen to Shannox's demise i decided that our next boss to be beaten to a bloody pulp would be Lord Rhyolith, he's like this big massive gigantic gimmick of a elemental boss which requires you to steer him around the big platform and make him crush the big volcano's that he spawns.. Anyhooz it actually didn't go all that bad, alright we didn't kill the damn guy but we can close getting him into P2 (Begins at 25% of his HP) at the end of the raid, yea something you will soon figure out about my Guild is that we like to do our best work when we actually have no time left to continue :P 
So all in all it was a fairly decent raid tonight, we have another one 2morrow (Thank god i only raid twice a week cause in this bloody weather if i had to raid anymore i think i would pass out and die, it's like 32oC+ in the house and my laptop is running at around 85oC so at the end of a raid night im more sweatier than a russian hooker who's had a really superb night out on the game) so im hoping that we can actually do a bit better on him and possibly take him down.

So that was my night, i think im gonna finish my night off with maybe a episode or 2 of "Burn Notice" before heading to bed :)

Oh yea and in other news i have decided that i am not entirely fond of my old man that much anymore, he decided to send me a link earlier from a event going on in Scotland called "T In The Park" of Slash playing on stage "Sweet Child Of Mine" (See the video below), i mean sending me things like that is just pure and utterly evil and completly uncalled for :( I have seen Slash live once but now my Dad has seen him like 3 times live now it's just not really fair now is it? However i do appreciate seeing someone awsome up on stage owning hard on the guitar!
But for now i think thats enough for me, im gonna go watch my TV show for a bit and then head off to bed, hope you all have a great night and sleep well :)

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