Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Ritual Is Broken.

Up until i would probably say the last week i have a pretty strict ritual when it comes to the boys and getting up and going to school but it seems this last week the boys have decided that our routine is no longer cool to be done anymore.

Let me explain how the routine normally goes.
  1. Get up and ready for school (The kids eat breakfast up there)
  2. Walk up to the school
  3. Get to school, take the kids jackets, shoes and bags etc off and hang them up
  4. Say goodbye, normally with a hug and kiss and i love you have a great day
But it seems that the whole goodbye with a hug, kiss and i love you is no longer the in thing to do, since when is it no longer cool to kiss, hug and say i love you to your kids when your leaving them for the day. Alright granted i do it in front of their teacher and most of the kids attending their class but surly there parents do the exact same thing to them?

I recall no longer than 3 weeks ago when i was taking up to daycare that i couldn't even get out the daycare door without them running up for there goodbye kiss, hug and i love you and now i am faced with a half asses hug and a refusal to even acknowledge that i have said anything to them other than goodbye. I try and give them a kiss goodbye like i have done since the day i started taking them up to daycare and these days i am given the top of their head to kiss which they quickly wipe off.

I would understand if they were a bit older, but they are both only 6 years old so has the age limit of your parents telling you they love you and showing some affection in public been reduced since i was a child?

So is it just my kids or is this the new norm for every kid these days?

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bye Bye Rug From Hell!

Last month i wrote a blog post about the damn rug that we had in our livingroom at the time, it was a god awful piece of fabric hell! and i mean hell in the literal sense of the word, this thing killed me!

Most people know by now that we have a Siberian Husky here at home, and with a Siberian Husky comes shedding and not just any shedding but extreme shedding, without a word of a lie i could come down stairs with the vacuum cleaner and spend 45 minutes alone on the damn rug hoovering up his hair. I mean it literally looked like we had a second dog on our rug, so i had been complaining for just over a year that i wanted to get rid of the damn thing, or i would simply stop hoovering.
I mean you don't even have to go to the gym to get a workout, all you needed to do was grab a hoover and spend 45 minutes trying to hoover up all the dog hair.

The RUG from HELL
So this weekend we were in town doing a bit of shopping and basically just trying to get our son Alex who broke his foot last week a bit of fresh air, but on our way back to the train station we passed the JYSK store, it's basically a household goods store that sells everything from beds to kitchen tables and everything in between and are really quite cheap. As it was raining heavily with thunder and lightening, Marie had suggested that we take a little nose about inside, since we had just over a hour to wait for the train home anyway.

Well i can't believe my luck! while looking around the store we came upon the mat section, something everyone needs to know about Sweden, there is no such things as CARPETS, i mean i have literally not seen a single house in the whole of Sweden that doesn't have wooden flooring, quite depressing really but seeing as we have this dog i'm also quite grateful. 
But as i was saying we came across a mat that would just be absolutely perfect in every way, it was the right size for the livingroom and also it wasn't made of STUPID FABRIC!!!, and to make things even better it was actually on sale so we were able to get it a little bit cheaper! WIN OR WHAT???!!!?!?

I am now in love with hoovering again lol, i have now even got into the habit of doing it on a daily basis, and guess how long it takes me to hoover the whole bottom part of the house???? 10 fricken minutes!!!! it goes so fast, the dog can lie all over the mat all he wants, and shed as much of his hair as he desires and all it takes is 3 seconds with the hoover and it's all nice and clean again.

Unfortunately Marie wouldn't let me burn the damn rug, even though i wanted to so much, so it's been placed in our son Alex's room, since he only had a small one but at least out dog doesn't enter his room very often so i guess it's a bonus.

But for now i think i will head off, we have football practice tonight with the twins, obviously Alex won't be taking part due to his leg, but we will take him up anyway so that he is able to watch them and get all the attention. Seriously the boy is being treated like a absolute king at the moment and lapping it up hehe. 

Monday, 29 August 2011

What A Weekend.

On Saturday myself and the family had planned a trip into town, mainly to get Alex out the house since he had been cooped up in the house for the last two days due to his broken foot, but Marie had managed to arrange to get him a wheelchair from her work on Friday so our plan for town was in full swing.

Marie had claimed that it was going to be around 30oC (86oF) but as i looked outside it clearly looked like it was going to rain, so i had told her but like every woman in the world she just completely ignored me, so off we went into town and decided once there that we would have a sandwich and cup of coffee at one of the café's, due to us having the wheelchair there was no way in hell that we would get it inside, so we opted to eat and drink outside. Well as i had predicted 20 minutes after we began to eat the heavens opened up and the downpour began, i don't know if other men do this but when i have once again been proven correct i like to have a little chuckle to myself while mocking my fiancée, safe to say she doesn't appreciate it but oh well i find it hilarious.

Marie had got a recipe from Sylvia at Frolic Through Life for home-made Italian Meatballs with a home-made Tomato sauce, i'm not to sure if we did something wrong or if it is just how it's meant to taste but i could not finish it, neither could any of the kids or Marie for that matter, the amount of tomato's that was in it was just far to much for myself to handle, not that i don't like tomato's because i actually love them on sandwiches etc but i just could not cope at all with this dish. The meatballs on there own without any sauce was absolutely fantastic so i think we just need to find another sauce to go with them, or perhaps reduce the amount of tomato's in the sauce.

Home-made Meatballs with a Tomato Sauce.
Now it looked the same as Sylvia's but perhaps the taste was different?

So yesterday came around and i had decided to be a good guy and help out Marie clean the house, we normally clean all the way through the week, but then do a really good clean on the weekends, or should i say Marie normally does, but recently she has been making hints that i haven't been helping around the house as much as i could so decided to show her that i was great at cleaning. She opted to take the hoovering and as she did that i managed to get the Livingroom, Kitchen & Bathroom completely clean, safe to say it was not up to her "standards" whatever they may be but i tried surly that's all that counts?

The boys also went to the cinema yesterday to see the new Cars 2, it was our daughter's gift to them so Marie's mum was nice enough to come up here and pick the boys and their sister up along with Marie (Apparently Marie's mum was unable to carry our son up to the cinema) so Marie went along to do it, which was quite nice since Marie managed to go into our local supermarket and get the shopping for the whole week. But they came back and had a awsome time, and loved the movie to bits. Was quite funny cause the first thing they said to me was "THE TV WAS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT WAS SO LOUD YOU COULD HEAR EVERYTHING ALL OVER THE HOUSE!!!!" lol. They didn't quite understand it wasn't a house but come on they are only 6 so yea, it was a fun packed weekend.

But now everything is back to normal, Marie has gone back to work and has started back to her normal job again, Mikaela is off to school and i took the boys up to school this morning, even Alexander i'm just hoping that he was ok today, he had his wheelchair and his crutches so there shouldn't have been to many problems, but i guess i'll find out when he comes home in a few hours.

But for now i think i will bid you all farewell, sorry that i haven't blogged that much over the last few days but just not really been in the mood, and thought i would take a couple of days off.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

My Poor Wee Boy.

Yesterday we got a call from the school that my two twin boys attend to say that Alexander had been complaining off a pain in his foot and that he couldn't walk on it, so Marie got her mum and they drove all the way home to Järpås to pick him up and take him too the local hospital in town where Marie works.

It turns out that during the football (Soccer for all my US followers) practice on Tuesday my little boy Alex had done something to his foot, he had complained after football practice that it was hurting but this has happened before and we thought that it would just go away like it had done before, but it seems that what we thought was nothing turned out to be a broken foot.

His poor wee foot.
So my poor little boy came home yesterday with a cast on his leg and a pair of crutches, i know i shouldn't say it but the crutches are so small and just pure adorable, although at the moment he is unable to use them. We are going to have to take the time over the weekend and try and teach him how to use them.
Marie had bumped into the headmaster of the school he attends yesterday up at the local shop here and had asked if he would be able to attend school, and she has said that aslong as he is able to use the crutches then they would welcome him back to school on Monday, but i doubt that will happen in all honesty but we shall see.

His little baby crutches.
But today he has been home all day with me, being pampered like a little king lol, i'm sure he's loving it although i don't know how much more my back can take with having to carry the little guy to the bathroom every 30 minutes cause he says he needs the toilet. For him being so small and only being 6 he weighs a absolute tonne.

So today has been pretty much lying around the couch (sofa) watching DVD's and cartoons on the television, was hoping that he wanted a little nap during the day so that i could too since i have been absolutely knackered today but that was a no go, he was to busy with his cartoons and constant demands for juice and stuff to be worried about me needing a little sleep lol.

Little Alex Sitting Watching TV.
So far there has been no complaining of his foot being sore, but we have been given some alvedon which is basically paracetamol to give to him three times a day, so he has had two doses of it and it seems to be keeping the pain of his foot at bay, i just now wish that he would keep it elevated like he is meant to, and stop pushing the cushions away so that his foot ends up all awkward looking. 

Well i think that's enough for today, it's time to go back to his royal highness, until Marie comes home and she can take over hehe. So until next time take care.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Vote For Justin

So i've been blogging for about 2 months nearly and on my travels to try and promote my own blog i have come upon some amazing and fantastic blogs and people, one of these people is Justin Mannato from the blog Daddy Knows Less (DKL).

From the second i read Justin's blog i was instantly hooked, not only is his writing style just so captivating but every time he writes a new blog post you can see the enthusiasm and love he puts into everything. Myself personally? i just write, why? because i love to just babble on about random stuff, some people love it and some people don't, but to read Justin's posts there is just no words to describe it except heartfelt.

Every post he writes you can clearly see that he has put alot of time, energy and deep thought into every keystroke that he makes, some of his posts are deep and meaningful and some are just absolutely hilarious that make you just sit there in front of your PC and giggle like a little school girl.

Not only is this guy one amazing Blogger, but he is also probably one of the nicest chaps i have met and clearly full devoted to his family which is something that really inspires me.

So i'm here right now asking everyone who ever reads my blog, to take a few minutes to head across to Blogger's Idol and cast a vote for Justin Mannato, it's quick and it's easy there is no registration required and no details to be given all you have to do is click on the button beside his name and click on the Vote button.

I would also advice everyone to take a second and have a little read of his post, that he has written to get into the final three and i have to say after reading it, yet again one truly amazing and heartfelt posts, so if you would like to read his entry then click >HERE<

I really hope that everyone just takes a few seconds to help this truly great man get through to the final three!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Majordomo Staghelm Downed!

Finally my guild The Frostwhisper Project got back to raiding, after a 2 week break due to lack of sign ups, unfortunately one of our main healers and dps decided to go on holiday for a couple of weeks which left us with pretty much nobody, or at least nobody with the gear requirements for Firelands, so last week i was dragged through the old content of Blackwing Decent, Bastion Of Twilight and Throne Of Four Winds. 
I decided that i couldn't be bothered to tank these what can only be described as shit holes so i took my hunter through instead, note to self dps'n in raids is boring and to much like hard work ;)

So as i was saying.... *sorry i seem to go off track whenever i speak about WoW*. We finally got back into Firelands this week, i half expected us not to do so well due to the break, but i was pleasantly surprised when we managed to clear all the way up to Majordomo Staghelm on Sunday night without to much wiping. Due to time constraints we were not able to have much time on Staghelm on the Sunday, but the few attempts we did have were quite successful getting him to around the 8% mark if i don't recall wrongly.

But yesterday we went back inside for another 4 hour raid, and headed straight for Staghelm. We ran with 1 tank (Death Knight), 3 Healers (Shaman, Paladin, Priest) and the rest of the 10 man group made up as DPS, due to Staghelm only being a 1 tank fight i had made the executive decision as Raid Leader that i would go DPS, normally i'm the Main Tank of the guild. 
So we began our attempts on him, which in all honesty went pretty well, we had a few close wipes at around the 10% mark, but ended up having mega issues with the second transition where he spawns mushroom type fire things that 2 dps are meant to alternate taking stacks off the damage, but after a few attempts we managed to group ourselves together and work these out.
But for some odd reason we were still wiping, i began to review the DPS to see if we were perhaps lacking and decided that since i was doing pretty low dps (between 14-16k) that i would let our Death Knight tank try and DPS instead, and i would take the tanking spot. I actually think i made the right decision here because not only am i better geared than our Death Knight, granted not by much but he also seemed to do a bucket load more damage than i did.

So finally after switching positions myself to tank and the Death Knight to dps we managed to bring him down once and for all, with only one death which was quickly rectified by a quick combat resurrection by our resident Warlock   

The Frostwhisper Vs. Majordomo Staghelm
So now the only boss that remains within the Firelands that my guild hasn't taken down is the final boss of the instance "Ragnaros", we actually had a few attempts on him last night and it went pretty well but i think it might take us another week or two to bring him into a pile of molten lava, but i'm really happy and impressed by our current progress with this raid instance, so big congratulations going out to all my guildies! 

Monday, 22 August 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

I woke up this morning to find a comment left on one of my recent posts saying that i had been awarded "The Versatile Blogger Award" from Patricia over at Lemondrops Dream too.

I have seen this award around a few blogs that i follow and never thought i would every receive one, so i am super excited that Patricia awarded me it. Thank you so much for that <3

Here’s how the award works:
After accepting the Versatile Blogger Award, the blogger must:

1. Thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs.

Seven Things About Me:

  1. I am a great lover of Classic Rock music.
  2. I am a complete gaming nerd.
  3. I am a total perfectionist about everything i do.
  4. I love my kids more than life itself (Duh, that's a given)
  5. I am a complete mummy's boy (Yes, even at 28 years of age)
  6. I am totally in love with the Husky breed of dog, and want to have at least 5 or 6 more of them.
  7. I love nothing more than to sit around the house with my fiancée and watch TV shows and Movies. 
15 Amazing blogs that i am passing this award on to (in no particular order):
  1. The Butterbottom Blog
  2. Daddy's In Charge?
  3. Daddy Knows Less
  4. Everyday Mie
  5. This Daddys Blog
  6. Bees With Honey
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  9. Frolic Through Life
  10. Life According To Damaris
  11. Mom Daughter Style
  12. Momfever
  13. Out Little Lifesicle
  14. Take2Mommy
  15. The Perfect Line
Please take a moment to visit and follow these amazing blogs and don't forget to stop by Lemondrops Dream too..I know you will love reading them just as much as i have, all of the above are amazing bloggers and offer hours of reading entertainment.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Gaming & Real Life Violence.

The other week while going through my normal Facebook & Google + feeds i stumbled upon a article that was posted by a friend of mine featuring the infamous Supernanny "Jo Frost". Which basically said that playing video games was the reason for the riots that happened in London not that long ago. Now from what i have read previously this is not the first time she has jumped on the bandwagon of Games and Gamers are Evil!

She went onto say the following:

"Research shows that within 15 minutes of playing one of these games young men become highly aggressive and lack empathy in normal situations. It is not too fanciful to suggest it's a short step from being immersed in this war-like world to taking that nightmare mindset on to the streets with all the consequences of anarchy and violence we saw rip apart cities."

Call Of Duty
Personally do i agree with this? Hell NO! i don't, sure i have read lots of articles around the world about oh such and such shot x amount of people after playing games like Call Of Duty etc and it's the videos game fault but how on earth can ANYONE come to that conclusion. I mean seriously have they sat down with these individuals and said "oh why did you shoot these innocent people" to which they got a reply "oh i was playing  this video game and just decided to pick up a gun and go do it" i mean come on! what complete and utter crap. You can't seriously expect me to believe this is the case can you?

Golden Axe
I personally have been a gamer since back in the day, when i got my first ever games console (Sega Master System II) and played games such as Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Mortal Combat. Before i got my PC and moved onto games like GTA and Duke Nukem, now let me tell you games like GTA & Duke Nukem was filled with pure and utter violence, from running people over with vehicles to taking baseball bats and beating people around the head with them and have i ever had the tendency because of these games to go out get a baseball bat and beat someone until they are dead? of course not because i know in my head already that these types of games are not REALITY they are fiction.

Now am i saying that video games have nothing to do with these acts of violence, of course im not perhaps they have indeed contributed to them, but they have certainly not been the main cause of such crimes as violence against others and especially the London riots.

She also went on to mention

"Those horrific video games which I mentioned earlier must be brought under control. Their content should be subject to censorship and the age at which they can be bought tightly controlled," she writes. "Shopkeepers should demand proof of age and where they ignore this and break the law by selling them to children they should be fined."

This however i absolutely agree with i would never ever let any of my children play violent video games that they are clearly under-age for and i do believe that all video games should come with a censorship on them, i already know that games like GTA etc come with a 18+ censorship on it, and i definitely agree that parents and grandparents purchasing these games for minors is idiotic 

But i stand by my views and opinions that video games do not cause violence, but what are your own personal thoughts and opinions on this matter? do you believe that parents should be more vigilant when purchasing games for their children?

If you would like to read the whole interview with Supernanny Jo Frost then you can find it >HERE<

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Arbetsförmedlingen (Job Centre)

So as most people are aware yesterday myself and Marie spent pretty much most of the day in town. Mainly due to our lovely transport system here in Sweden but either way it was a pretty decent day out. 

But the main purpose for me to actually go in yesterday was to visit the local job centre, to see if there was anything they could do, to assist me in gaining employment.

Before we went into the job centre Marie had said that she was going to keep quiet, it seems that if i take Marie anywhere with me important and i get stuck trying to explain something and she helps, that the person i am trying to have a conversation with will just end up completely ignoring me and speak to her instead (why speak to a non Swedish speaker, when you can do it faster with a Swedish person eh?)

So anyway i went inside and was greeted by the information desk, now forgive me if im wrong but these people are front of house, so are they not meant to be nice and pleasant? Well let's just say by the time i had finished speaking to the man on the information desk i seriously wanted to beat the guy down hard.

I had said to him that i had been in before, and was wondering if i would be able to speak to someone that could possibly help me in trying to gain employment to which his response was "Just so you understand, WE cannot help you get a job that you have to do yourself, we have jobs in our database, but we cannot get you a job!"
Now it wasn't so much what he said but the tone in which he said it, it was the tone of your a non Swedish person and your a piece of shit, oh and on top of being a piece of shit you are also as thick as a plank of wood.


Not only was it a problem that i wanted to speak to someone about getting some help it was apparently wrong of me for living in Sweden for 5 years and not obtaining a Swedish I.D. 
Now i have my UK Passport, and i have ALWAYS used that when asked for I.D. and it has never ever ever been a problem anywhere in Sweden, they have looked at it and said ok thanks very much here you go and off i go, but this guy went to town on me. "You have lived in Sweden for 5 years, so you MUST get a Swedish I.D. card or Passport"
Once more not what he said but the actual tone he used.

But other than that idiot the actual job centre itself went really well, i spoke to a very nice man there after that complete jerk off and he has set me up an appointment with someone which will be sent out to me, so the plan that is now in motion is i shall go in one day in the next 2 weeks and speak to this person, who will then transfer me to a "Job Coach", which i am entitled to for 3 months. 

Basically the job coach gets paid from the Swedish Government to take people and if they are able to get them into employment then they will make even more money, so it's really in the best interest of the Job Coach to get you in a job. 

So at least things seem to be moving in the right direction, but that man i spoke to on the front desk, i honestly even today still feel like grabbing a baseball bat and travelling into town and beating him with it just for the way he spoke to me, i have never in my whole entire life felt so stupid and angry all at the same time. 

Friday, 19 August 2011

Everyday Mie: 6 years ago.

Alexander & Maximus
So today is a very special day for the family, today is the day my two little twin boys turn 6 years old. Jesus i feel soooo bloody old right now, i still remember the day i moved over here and i met the two little boys for the first time, all small and sitting in there push chair since they had just returned from spending the week with their dad.

It was love at first sight when i saw them, sure they have given me some headaches along the way and sometimes you really just want grab them both and bang their heads together but i wouldn't change them for the world. I love them with all my heart and soul.

Anyways i think my fiancée Marie has pretty much summed up all our feelings in her recent post below, so click on the link and go visit her site and wish the little boys a Happy Birthday!

Everyday Mie: 6 years ago.: Today is a huge day. Alexander and Maximus turns 6 today!! Happy Bithday my loved little boys!!! Which means that six years ago, i had a...

Thursday, 18 August 2011

I Have Met My Nemesis

So today i finally met my nemesis, ok before i continue lets just say that i'm a little out of training, infact since moving to Sweden i think i have gained something like 22.2kg (49lbs) in the space of five years. Have i done anything to loose the weight? or keep myself fit?

Well no. Am i being lazy? quite possibly yes.

But after the second day of taking the boys to the After-School program i think it's time that i actually start to get into shape and maybe do something about my keg of a beer belly because i don't think that my new nemesis is going to give me a easy time any time soon.

So your wondering what the hell is he talking about? what possibly could be so bad about taking the boys to the After-School program (or infact school on Monday)? well here is a picture for you that i think might answer all of your questions.

Alright so it doesn't look that bad does it? well trust me it continues.

As you can see once you have finished climbing the mountain of stairs you then have another small hill, which once you have finished with the stairs feels like you are climbing mount everest, safe to say it doesn't phase the boys in the slightest, but for me it feels like i have just walked 300,000 miles and i'm already ready to pass out once we reach the top.

To top it all off today as you can see was a very cold, wet, foggy, misty day, so walking to the school actually felt like i was walking in a horror movie, and then to put the cheery on top of the cake i had to go out and take another 45 minute walk with our husky in it, let's just say once i arrived home, i filled the dogs bowl with food & water and i went straight into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed. 

I mean seriously who's fricken brilliant idea was it to place a school on top of a hill? i bet the guy/lady who said oh lets build it up there were laughing there asses off at the thought of parents having to walk up there. Right now i guess it ain't that bad but i am seriously dreading when the winter hit soon and we get our 300 inches of snow on top of them.

I hate you stairs!!!
But i guess that the post for today, i'm now going to head off and have some dinner i think, followed by some relaxation with the wife, as it's going to be a busy day tomorrow, since we have to go into town and do the shopping plus get the boys birthday gifts / cake. I also need to go into the local job centre here and see what they can do to help me get out the house.

So for now, take care everyone!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

League Of Legends

Today has been one of those days, you know the ones where you can't be arsed doing anything but messing around online? well that's the type of day i've had. While i was in a raid on Sunday with my guildies, a few of them who i used to play this game with was going on about playing it again, and i decided that i would re-download it and give it another whirl.

I used to love playing it before the release of World Of Warcraft - Cataclysm, in fact i spent nearly everyday all day hooked on it.

For people who have no idea what the game actually is it's basically a free online objective based PvP game, so basically you have a team of 3 or a team of 5 depending on what you want to play and you go head to head against each other, but they have towers on each side of the map and things called minions, so your objective is to level up by farming minions and killing the enemy team players while trying to take down their towers all the way to their base, now in their base they have a big object called "The Nexus" so the main objective is to get all the way to their base and destroy this in order to win.

So that is basically the whole game wrapped in a nutshell, farm minions while trying not to die at the hands of the enemy and destroy their towers all the way to the nexus.

However today was one of those days where i just truly and utterly sucked donkeys gonads, i could not do anything right and was constantly being handed my ass on a plate by the enemy, normally i wouldn't really care you know people have off days and if you have not played a game in a while you can suck right at the beginning, i mean jesus i used to suck so bad when my friend Kaeshan got me into it, but you know what makes it worse?

People! Yes you heard me fucking people! they irritate the bloody shit out of me, sorry for my foul mouth, i normally try and not swear during posts, but these people annoy me to the bone, i don't know what it was today but for some reason myself & Kaeshan got grouped up with French people in nearly every game, and personally i hate the damn French, as my friend Kaeshan would say "They're only good for one thing, running away!".
But i have to say they are the most arrogant, egotistical douchebags i have ever come across, they played as shit as i was, but instead of trying to sort things out and work together, YES LADIES AND GENTLEMAN LEAGUE OF LEGENDS IS A TEAM GAME! but instead of that, they find it more productive to throw obscenities instead, i mean is that really bloody productive? if you were playing a game and every 3seconds someone was shouting at you "YOUR FUCKING SHIT" would you want to actually play the game and help these people? of course you wouldn't.

So pretty much my day has consisted of playing a game and listening to French assholes throw words at me that half the time they couldn't even fucking spell!!!!!!

Anyways that is enough ranting from me today, but i had to get it out their. If you see a French person walking by you, do me a favour and trip the douchebag up and kick him in his head!.

Oh yea and if your interested in trying this game out you can find it >HERE< as i said its free to play so you don't need to worry about it :)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Boys First Day At The After-school Club.

Well it was back to getting up at 05:00 in the morning again today, thanks to the lovely daycare and school being closed yesterday due to another type of holiday totally unrelated to the summer, i was able to have a nice day off where i spent most of the day just sitting around with the kids watching TV like we normally like to do. 

Now don't get on at me about "oh you should have been outside playing" cause yesterday was certainly no day for being outside, i have no idea where it came from but we had rain like i had never seen for ages, it was literally smashing off the floor like bricks. So no playing outside for us.

But this morning it was time for the twin boys to go to their first day at the After-School program that our local school has on, it's basically like daycare as it's for parents who are out working so they need to leave early in the morning and when the parents are off to work etc, where is the kids meant to go? Well that is what the program is for, they have members of staff that look after your kids before and after school, so myself and Marie decided that instead of keeping them off even though i am home, that we would make them go this week just so they can get used to it, while it's quiet.

So we headed off at around 06:40 this morning and headed up to the local school, i was asked if i would like to stick around for a wee while, just so that the boys could get settled in but was it needed? I tell you what, i could have been was a ghost entering that place this morning, the twin boys went in got shown where to hang their coats, and put there shoes (yes in Swedish schools you are not allowed to wear any type of footwear) and they disappeared.
I suppose i should be happy that they were so comfortable about going their but i think i was expecting a little resistance but instead i was faced with *Pooof* kids gone, i hung around anyways and spoke to the teacher that was looking after them, she seems like a nice person perhaps a little snobby but then again i think that about every teacher i meet in Sweden for some reason, i don't know why but the whole pointy nose in the air just screams "SNOB!" to me.

But the place i have to admit seems very nice, alot of activity's to keep the kids occupied while they are there so i guess that's a big bonus, i'm just hoping that they enjoyed themselves, but certainly as i was leaving they seemed to be, but i said my goodbyes, where the response was pretty much a half assed goodbye.

So what have i got up to today then? well i thought i would take the time to pamper myself a little after doing the hoovering and emptying our damn pool which by the way is a complete pain in the ass to empty! 
I hopped in the shower, got myself all cleaned up and even had a shave and cut my nails etc, so now i feel all fresh as a daisy lol, and no longer look like a hobo that should be living in some cardboard box on the street lol.

We have the boys football practice tonight, so i think it's time to go chill out a little bit on the couch, maybe watch some TV and wait for everyone to come home before having dinner and heading up to the football pitch.

So what have you guys got up to today?

Monday, 15 August 2011

Busy Week Ahead.

Well it seems like it's going to be a busy week ahead for the family.

Tomorrow is the first day the boys will be attending school, they don't actually officially begin school until next Monday (22/08/2011) but they no longer have a place at the local daycare here, so they shall be attending the after-school program that our local school has up here, so from tomorrow they shall begin there. 

It's actually quite funny because i remember when i was about to begin school, i remember that the idea of going petrified me and yet the boys are so excited, which in turns makes me excited. I think the main reason they are is the fact they were able to go up prior to now, while they were in daycare every week they would go up and spend the morning, having breakfast and going to class just to get them used to it, so i'm guessing that is the reason, but i think myself & Marie are more anxious than they actually are.
Probably for the fact we know the boys are growing up, and i think we are both just hoping that they really do well, which i have no doubt in my heart they will.

As well as the twins starting school next week, my daughter Mikaela also goes back. She's been acting like a normal teenager this summer holiday, spending most of her days lying around her bedroom being bored as teenagers do and sitting up to 2am in the morning, so she is another one that will need to be whipped into shape and begin to go back to bed at a reasonable time, otherwise she will have big problems trying to get up at 6am next week when school starts for her.

On top of all that it is the twins 6th birthday on Friday, 6 already it still feels like yesterday they were babies and now they're both growing up, attitude and everything. So we have a little party type thing to arrange and make sure everything is ready for that. We have decided that this year we wouldn't bother with a party for them, so we shall just be having Marie's mum and dad out for a bit of cake etc.

I am also hoping for some nice weather this week, because i really need to get out the back garden and get the grass cut, and things tided, in all honesty i hate gardening, i don't just hate it i loathe it more than anything else in the world, i just don't understand anyone who finds fixing a garden fun. There just isn't anything fun about it at all, but it's something that needs to be done, because i have been extremely lazy when it comes to it.

And on top of it all i need to find some time to go into town and try and get some things for myself sorted out, so i can either decide to get back to college or if the job centre will be able to help me to find a job or a course or something.

So it seems i have a pretty busy schedule ahead of me this week, but for now i think i will go away and watch the latest episode of True Blood.

What's your plans for the week?

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Twins First Football Match.

Alex & Max's Team
Earlier in the week i wrote about the twins football (soccer if your from the states) training, where they were both invited to take part in the local cup they have here called "Järpås Cupen". 

The cup itself is aimed only for the small children which is quite nice although upon reaching our local football field we came to realise that our little five year old twins and their team (built up of children aged between five and eight) would be facing off again three other teams all aged eight, to be honest i found this pretty unfair but it's for kids so you can't complain all that much.

Due to the fact the the Järpås team have quite a few children that play and wanted to play they split them up into two teams of five which was great, because it meant the twins themselves would be split up, Alex was given his white team shirt and Max was given the red team shirt, so all shirted up and ready to go the boys set off with their separate teams to get ready for there upcoming games.

Alexander was the first one to set off for his first ever game.

Alex running to try and get the ball.
Unfortunately they lost their first game but it didn't stop them from trying, but then it was Max's team that took the field against their first opponent.

Max getting ready for the free kick.
So the day continued and they played i think around 8 matches in total against various different football clubs from around the area but at around 12:00 noon we all had a break from the fun activity and had was the Swedish like to call "Fika" (which basically translates into, a drink and something to eat).

After a couple of sandwiches and something to drink, followed by my twins favorite thing in the world "candy" they headed back onto the field for some more games.

What i really find amazing is that once they have finished a game they make all the children that has taken part in the game to line up together and clap at the other team, a kind of thank you for a fun time type thing, before they go up and shake each others hand. I just find this brilliant, as it really teaches the children what sportsmanship is all about

The after game Thank You (Järpås White Vs. Järpås Red)
Although the both teams got defeated in nearly every game, all the children that took part got a medal and a certificate which was awsome, and they really enjoyed themselves alot which is all that matters when it comes to children and sports.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Day 30: A Motto Or Philosophy

Straight off the bat here i will tell you guys the utter truth, i have no Motto that i live by or Philosophy for that matter, but if i had to come up with one? well that would probably be:

  • Look out for number one, because nobody else will.

Obviously here, i am not talking about family, because i truly hope that everyone's family does look out for them but in terms of the work place and just general outside family it is definitely a motto that everyone should live by.

I think the main reason i would live by it, is the fact that in my lifetime (granted not very long as i am only 28) i have worked for 3 different company's and i have made what i thought have been friends within these company's only to find out that when you turn your back for more than 2 seconds they are willing to stab you in it, just to get ahead.
I personally am not like this at all, i don't step on people to get places and maybe i should be? but i prefer to get to somewhere especially in a work environment on merit of my accomplishments and not because i am able to stab someone in the back, or step on someone to get where i want.

So after a few years, i have finally learned that you should look out for number one, there is nothing wrong with making friends in the work place or outside of the work place if you will, in fact i encourage it but always keep in the back of your mind that they are out for themselves, so you should be as well.

Perhaps some people will not agree with this, and maybe i have just had bad experiences but i will still stick by what i think.

But i guess that is the final challenge complete, i am hoping that the people that read my blog have been able to learn a little something about me that they may have not known already, and for those who already knew everything about me? well i hope that you got to see what my thoughts and memories of the event's were.

You can view the whole 30 Day Challenge, by clicking the link >HERE<.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 29: Hopes, Dreams, And Plans You Have For The Next 365 Days

This one is another tough one for me, it's not that i don't have any hopes and dreams, it's more the fact im the type of guy that lives in the now and i'm not one for sitting and planning my life.

However saying that i guess if i really had to think about it within the next 365 days there is a few things i would have liked to accomplish:

  • I hope that by this time next year i will have got myself into employment, not that i don't find being a stay at home dad if you want to call it that enjoyable, but the kids are growing up and going to school which leaves me pretty much sat in the house all alone, which isn't all that enjoyable.
  • I hope to be financially secure or at least on the road to being that, we do not to bad now, but hey who doesn't want a extra incoming right?
  • I hope that we will be able to spend more time as a family and do more family activities, not that we don't do anything as a family now, but i would really like to do more if you get what i mean.
So that is pretty much all my hopes for the next 365 days, not that many but like i said before i am not one that is for planning life, i prefer just to take it one day a time and see what life throws at me that way i find it more fun.

  • My first dream is that within the next 365 days, im employed and can possibly get married, my fiancée doesn't thinks that this is impossible, because it takes more than one year to plan a wedding but a man can dream right? 
  • I would really love to have my own house purchased by then as well, but i'm guessing that is a big dream that is not very likely to happen within 365 days.
  • I would also really like to have passed my drivers licence, and perhaps have a nice little car to run everyone around in, shouldn't be to difficult if i manage to get myself a job.
And that is my current dreams for the next year, again not to many but that's just who i am. I'm not one for dreaming about things because i know in my heart that 99.9% of the time dreams never come true, and look at it this way, i have a wonderful fiancée and 3 amazing children so the rest is of no importance. 

  • The only plan i have for the next year is to enjoy life the best i can, try and spend as much time with my family as humanly possible and try and put into effect all my hopes and dreams i have listed above already. Other than that i have no other plans.
So what are your hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days? Anything interesting? 

The Kids Football Training

Boys walking to football practice.
On Tuesday the twins football practice began again, luckily for myself and Marie the boys actually remembered because we forgot all about it.
I'm a firm believer that all children should take part in some sort of activity and because the twin boys are only 6 years old the only thing really available to them at the moment is Football, so we enrolled them into that and for the most part they seem to actually enjoy it.

The pre-training pep talk
The boys practising ball control. 
I love how Max (Black Top) swings his arms as he's trying to control the ball.
For some reason though, half way through the training session our other twin Alexander decided that football really wasn't something he was interested in anymore, instead he set his sights on trying to impress the coach's little girl instead, by fixing her hair. Although i get the impression the coach wasn't actually that impressed with some little boy trying to pick up his 5 year old girl but oh well.

Here let me fix your hair.
Alex, leave my daughter alone please and play football!
Unfortunately it wouldn't be a day out without one of our boys being injured and true to form Max managed to be the one to be hit by the ball, thankfully it was only the goalkeeper throwing the ball and not kicking it and i think he got more upset due to the shock of it hitting him rather than the actual hit itself.

The damn ball just came out of nowhere!
However like the true champ he is, he got back up after his little knock and cuddle from mummy and got right back into there game, not to sure who won the game because well i never normally pay attention after all they are only small children, so it's more the taking part that counts right?

Great action shot of Max going for the ball.
We were also informed that there would be a little football cup on Saturday that the boys could be a part off, so looks like we will be going up to the local football pitch at 09:30 on Saturday morning to watch them have some fun. Really looking forward to it.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day 28: A Scar You Have And It's Story

My scar is more of a emotional scar you could say instead of a physical one, let me begin by saying that i did have a happy childhood and my parents are the best parents a boy could ask for, always there for you and would give anything in the world to make you happy.

However that still didn't stop them locking me up in the downstairs closet like Harry Potter, i still remember those god awful days where i would sit in the pitch black surrounded by nothing except my old friend the broomstick which we shared numerous great conversations about how to escape. I mean sitting in the closet all day wasn't all that bad, but being fed Play Dough that was white and told it was mash potato's well what can i say, i now can't ever eat Mash Potato's just incase it's someone playing a mean trick on me again.
And the glass of water i got per day? well let me tell you water from a old rusted tap in the back garden just isn't as great as it sounds, i mean i don't know what sort of diseases i picked up along the way.
But i still have a god awful rash in places i can't mention from those days. I should perhaps have that looked into.

Was i the real Harry Potter?

Ok so that didn't actually happen, i had my own bedroom and it was well lit and had a bed and all my toysand TV and was fed properly. But it sounded great and i bet i had quite a few people going with it!

So a real scar i have is actually on the bottom of my chin, i would have taken a photo of it but then it would require me to go into the bathroom and have a shave just so i could get a proper photograph of it and well, that just to much hard work for me to bother about hehe.

But the story about it?

Well i think i was about 10 years old maybe 11 i'm not entirely sure, i just remember that it was a cold day and it had been raining and was during school, there was big high walls that surrounded the school and stair cases on either side leading down into the playground and myself and friends were messing around playing as you do as a kid, when i decided that to get away from one of my friends i would jump down from the big wall.

Unfortunately as i was jumping from the wall my foot got caught on the overlap at the top of the wall and i went crashing down into the playground, i can still remember to this very day that i did not feel any pain from my chin and i originally thought i had broken my leg, cause i was in severe pain all i could do was scream about my leg until i was in the first aid office and they told me "There isn't anything wrong with your leg, it's your chin that you have hurt, it's bleeding bad".
I ended up having to be taken down to the local doctors surgery to be given stitches, since then i have managed to open up the same wound only once more thankfully, but i still remember that day all so well, so my tip to anyone messing around don't jump of very high walls you could hurt yourself, especially when it is or has been raining.

So that's my story, i don't know if i prefer my fabricated story of the real one, but you can decide yourself which is more interesting :)

Have you guys got any scars? and what is the story of how you came to get them?

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Day 27: A Physical Feature You Love

Ok now i'm getting annoyed at these challenges, i mean a Physical Feature I Love?? Like really? Are you serious??

I guess there is some people out there that love themselves, personally i am not one of them, not that i hate my body either or anything like that but there is just nothing on my body i would say i love?

I could be a complete smart ass about the whole challenge and say that i love my stomach since it's taken me about 22 years to actually get from being a skinny man to probably what is now described as perhaps overweight, actually i should probably start working out and getting rid of some of the fat and maybe get into shape again but we shall take that another day.

So yea since i can't in all honesty answer the question as there is absolutely nothing on my body i would say that i love i shall stick with my stomach, being the overweight beer keg that it currently is.

Sorry folks, i promise to try and answer the rest as truthfully as i possibly can, the last few seem pretty easy to answer and in fact i already have them answered in my head. So sorry about today but not much i can do about it, if there isn't anything physically then i love about myself.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day 26: A Childhood Memory

Love this picture of me and my Dad <3. My Dad looks so young its funny.

Well this one was quite hard to do mainly for the fact i have so many childhood memories that i could easily share with you guys, my dad was always one for going out and about during school vacations, taking us to different historical places to see stuff, i think my Mum found it boring but myself, sister & dad had a great time.

This picture i believe was well before my sister "Laken" was actually born and if i'm not mistaken was a camping trip up the top of Scotland, in a place called MacDuff. I believe we went up their with my Auntie and her partner at the time, but i cannot be 100% sure about this because well i was really young maybe around five or something? 

Although some parts of the vacation are still very vague to me, guess it's my old age kicking in i still remember great times when i was on this holiday with my family. If i don't recall wrong it was where i met my first Girlfriend too, some other kid that was up their with her family too camping out, But i just remember going around MacDuff and other places i cannot remember the names off, and it was great.

Also remember playing swing ball you know that game with the pole in the grass that had a tennis ball attached and you hit it with tennis rackets? I won't ever forget this holiday i don't think because it was just really good.

I'm hoping once i am able to sort myself out with a job etc that i am able to plant fond childhood vacation memories in my kids minds, although i don't think they will ever forget their first trip over to Scotland hehe.

Anyways that's my fondest childhood memory i think, at least one of them, as i said i have so many that i could write for days about them.

So what would your childhood memory be?

Quite Depressing Really.

It's quite funny to think that this time last year i was pulling my hair out wishing that the kids would go back to daycare and school and yet i found myself this morning walking back from dropping the twins off at their first day back at daycare thinking i wish they weren't going back yet.

Although admittedly they were a complete and absolute nightmare last year (going through one of those terrible 4 phases or whatever you want to call them) but this year it's just been a absolute delight to have them home with me, but i guess everything needs to go back to normal at some point.

Marie started back to work last week and the twins back to daycare this week, i still have Mikaela home with me for the next two weeks before she goes back to school as well but right now she's in town with her grandparents as they took her away yesterday so i don't expect her back until at least 5pm tonight, so it seems it's just myself, Kaiser and the two cats left in the house on our own.

As i said before last year i would be jumping around partying by now and thinking about all the wonderful things i can do now that i'm back to being alone, like just sitting around all day playing WoW or talking to people online, but yet i find myself bored out my mind thinking of things to do because quite simply i just don't have the lust to sit around online all day anymore, have i grown up? perhaps or perhaps five years of doing the same thing day in day out has finally taken its toll on me.

So what can i get up today? not much in all honesty, i still have the last 3 books in the "A Game Of Throne" series to get through so i think i might take a small morning nap since i was up at 5am this morning with Marie and then get up and just lie around the couch with the puppy and read my book, i have big plans of going into town and visiting the job centre again to see if they are able to help me out with a course or something, if not then i shall be looking into going back to SFI (Course for learning Swedish) to finish up the course i was on there just for something to do. But these things can't be done until next week.

But i have come to realise that i need to do something, because right now i feel that sitting around the house playing the stay at home dad is just not something that appeals to me anymore, not that there is anything wrong with being a stay at home dad, i'm pretty sure if you have lots of things to do during a day then it can be quite fulfilling but when you find yourself in the same situation as i am currently, where actually dropping the kids of at daycare & school to find yourself coming home to a empty house is more depressing than fun, i mean there is only so much stuff you can do in one day to keep yourself amused. 

But i think that is enough depression for this morning lol, i think i shall shoot off and maybe take that morning nap before getting up doing some stuff around the house followed up by a day of sitting around reading my book.

Until later, take care folks and i hope your day is more fulfilled than mines.

I Miss My Little Boys <3

Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 25: A Recipe

Today's challenge is quite a difficult one for me, since well the only dish i know how to cook is probably beans on toast and well that ain't exactly a recipe now is it, so instead i have opted to tell you all about one of my favorite dishes from Sweden.

We unfortunately only have this three times a year (Easter, Midsummer & Christmas) but oh boy do i love it when these times come around. It's just a really amazing dish, funnily enough it has fish in it, something i am not a big fan off at all but i just can't get enough of it when my hunny Marie cooks it.

So here you go.

Jansson's Frestelse (or the English Translation: Jansson's Temptation)

12 Large Potato's.
1 Large Yellow Onion.
2 Small Can's Of Swedish Anchovies or Regular Anchovies if you are unable to locate Swedish ones.
2 Cups Of Heavy Cream.
Salt & Pepper.

Put the oven on 225 oC / 437 oF.
Peal the potato's and slice them into stripes.
Butter the sides and bottom of a baking dish to stop from sticking.
Fill the baking dish with half of the potato's.
Slice and dice the onion and spread that over the potato's in your baking dish.
Use a food processor to mince the anchovies up (note that in the real dish you just lay the anchovies as they are, but i hate it like that so i prefer it this way).
Mix half of the heavy cream with the anchovies and pour it on top of the onions and potato's.
Put the remaining amount of potato's and cream on top and season with Salt & Pepper.
Put it in the middle of oven for 45 minutes to 1 hour and serve.
(Note if it begins to look burned place some tinfoil on top of the dish to stop it from burning).

Once complete serve with anything you want really, we normally serve it with sausages.

Hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Blues.

It's been one of those days today, you know the ones where you wake up and you just feel like utter crap all day, not because your unwell but mainly because you can't wake the hell up no matter what you do! 
Well that's been my day all day today, no matter what i try i just feel like sleeping some more, but who wants to waste all their weekend sleeping? certainly not me.

So pretty much my day has consisted of lying around the couch watching crap on the television hoping i can wake the hell up, Ok so lying around the couch probably wasn't the most productive way to wake up and of course it didn't help but i honestly didn't have the energy to do anything else. Plus there is many things you can do while lying on the couch all day.

Things like winding your Siberian Husky up so much that he wants to eat you!

I always find it funny when i play with Kaiser like this, mainly for the fact that he tries to act like this big scary Siberian Husky and in reality he's a big girls blouse, i mean all those noises you here him do in the movie that sounds like growling is in reality just him talking and having fun, but he sounds mean.

Oh yea and note he isn't actually biting me, we trained him from the minute we got him that biting was bad or even chewing on us was bad, so he never does it instead he will put your hand in his mouth just to taste what it would be like and then throws it up in the air or to the side but he never bites down, he's such a cutie when he wants to be.

This actually went on for about 10 minutes before big mean mummy Marie stepped in to ruin all our fun like normal, she can't stand when Kaiser barks so when he gets over excited and starts to bark instead of his normal grumble, howling type voice the play time is officially over. Mean Mummy Is Mean!!

But we had some fun, for now i think i'll head off back to my lovely couch and watch those two movies i was meant to watch yesterday, i really have no idea if they will be any good, but from the YouTube trailers they looked like they would be decent enough to watch, so i'll go and check them out and see what i think.

If your looking for a really good movie to watch yourself, i would highly recommend a film called Arthur starring Russell Brand. It is just absolutely hilarious the way Russell Brand acts in this movie it literally had me cracked up the whole way through, even if it is technically one of those soppy romantic flicks. So definitely if your bored and looking for a good movie then check it out, you won't be disappointed at all.