Thursday, 25 August 2011

My Poor Wee Boy.

Yesterday we got a call from the school that my two twin boys attend to say that Alexander had been complaining off a pain in his foot and that he couldn't walk on it, so Marie got her mum and they drove all the way home to Järpås to pick him up and take him too the local hospital in town where Marie works.

It turns out that during the football (Soccer for all my US followers) practice on Tuesday my little boy Alex had done something to his foot, he had complained after football practice that it was hurting but this has happened before and we thought that it would just go away like it had done before, but it seems that what we thought was nothing turned out to be a broken foot.

His poor wee foot.
So my poor little boy came home yesterday with a cast on his leg and a pair of crutches, i know i shouldn't say it but the crutches are so small and just pure adorable, although at the moment he is unable to use them. We are going to have to take the time over the weekend and try and teach him how to use them.
Marie had bumped into the headmaster of the school he attends yesterday up at the local shop here and had asked if he would be able to attend school, and she has said that aslong as he is able to use the crutches then they would welcome him back to school on Monday, but i doubt that will happen in all honesty but we shall see.

His little baby crutches.
But today he has been home all day with me, being pampered like a little king lol, i'm sure he's loving it although i don't know how much more my back can take with having to carry the little guy to the bathroom every 30 minutes cause he says he needs the toilet. For him being so small and only being 6 he weighs a absolute tonne.

So today has been pretty much lying around the couch (sofa) watching DVD's and cartoons on the television, was hoping that he wanted a little nap during the day so that i could too since i have been absolutely knackered today but that was a no go, he was to busy with his cartoons and constant demands for juice and stuff to be worried about me needing a little sleep lol.

Little Alex Sitting Watching TV.
So far there has been no complaining of his foot being sore, but we have been given some alvedon which is basically paracetamol to give to him three times a day, so he has had two doses of it and it seems to be keeping the pain of his foot at bay, i just now wish that he would keep it elevated like he is meant to, and stop pushing the cushions away so that his foot ends up all awkward looking. 

Well i think that's enough for today, it's time to go back to his royal highness, until Marie comes home and she can take over hehe. So until next time take care.


mum said...

aw bless How's it kids really do know how to milk it when things happen and they like being pampered like mad :)

Daddy's in Charge? said...

I remember being a kid after football (football) with a banged up knee, didn't really think anything of it. Looking back I probably had something broken in there.

Ben said...

@DiC: Hahah why does that not suprise me?

@Mum: Yea, he's totally milking it!

Damaris said...

Hope he feels better soon! I cry with a paper cut - can't imagine a broken foot! -_-

Working Mommy said...

Poor little guy!!

New follower ;) Hope you get your Nascar issue figured out!


Bob ButterBottom said...

Not being able to walk sucks. I had a broken leg when I was 13. Pain meds are good, just make sure it doesn't wreck his (and then your) sleep schedule. After a couple of days, he should be good to go on crutches. If its not horrible, maybe he can walk with just one crutch, it may end up being easier. but Im no dr., I only play one on a blog. sorry for the tough break bud.