Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day 28: A Scar You Have And It's Story

My scar is more of a emotional scar you could say instead of a physical one, let me begin by saying that i did have a happy childhood and my parents are the best parents a boy could ask for, always there for you and would give anything in the world to make you happy.

However that still didn't stop them locking me up in the downstairs closet like Harry Potter, i still remember those god awful days where i would sit in the pitch black surrounded by nothing except my old friend the broomstick which we shared numerous great conversations about how to escape. I mean sitting in the closet all day wasn't all that bad, but being fed Play Dough that was white and told it was mash potato's well what can i say, i now can't ever eat Mash Potato's just incase it's someone playing a mean trick on me again.
And the glass of water i got per day? well let me tell you water from a old rusted tap in the back garden just isn't as great as it sounds, i mean i don't know what sort of diseases i picked up along the way.
But i still have a god awful rash in places i can't mention from those days. I should perhaps have that looked into.

Was i the real Harry Potter?

Ok so that didn't actually happen, i had my own bedroom and it was well lit and had a bed and all my toysand TV and was fed properly. But it sounded great and i bet i had quite a few people going with it!

So a real scar i have is actually on the bottom of my chin, i would have taken a photo of it but then it would require me to go into the bathroom and have a shave just so i could get a proper photograph of it and well, that just to much hard work for me to bother about hehe.

But the story about it?

Well i think i was about 10 years old maybe 11 i'm not entirely sure, i just remember that it was a cold day and it had been raining and was during school, there was big high walls that surrounded the school and stair cases on either side leading down into the playground and myself and friends were messing around playing as you do as a kid, when i decided that to get away from one of my friends i would jump down from the big wall.

Unfortunately as i was jumping from the wall my foot got caught on the overlap at the top of the wall and i went crashing down into the playground, i can still remember to this very day that i did not feel any pain from my chin and i originally thought i had broken my leg, cause i was in severe pain all i could do was scream about my leg until i was in the first aid office and they told me "There isn't anything wrong with your leg, it's your chin that you have hurt, it's bleeding bad".
I ended up having to be taken down to the local doctors surgery to be given stitches, since then i have managed to open up the same wound only once more thankfully, but i still remember that day all so well, so my tip to anyone messing around don't jump of very high walls you could hurt yourself, especially when it is or has been raining.

So that's my story, i don't know if i prefer my fabricated story of the real one, but you can decide yourself which is more interesting :)

Have you guys got any scars? and what is the story of how you came to get them?


Dawn said...

I can remember that like it only happen yesterday the assistant from the school office turning up at the door telling me you had an accident and you were at cos lane surgery and not to panick but you had split your chin open really bad and knock one of your teeth out but unfortunately for you it wasn't a baby tooth but one of your adult teeth :( I remember them asking me to leave the room because I was getting upset when they were trying to clean the muck out the cut before they could stitch it and you were scream the place down because you where totally frightned well what do you except when you were only 7yrs old going on eight and not long after that had healed up your sister aged only 2yrs smashed you in the mouth and broke your top Adult tooth so yeah I really think you do have some childhood scars

Laken said...

OMG! What is it with you about your life being Harry Potter? lmao