Monday, 1 August 2011

My Twin Boys Have Become Top Gear Fans.

A few months back i started to download Top Gear, not that i'm a massive car freak or anything like that. If i'm honest i couldn't tell you the first thing about cars, i know they have doors and 4 wheels and a engine but when it comes to the ins and outs and spec's etc i have no clue at all.

But i love to listen to Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and occasionally James May, the things they come up with and say is just absolutely hilarious to say the least.

But it seems that my two twin boys have become massive fans of the show, for the last four days all i have heard at dinner time is "Can we watch the car show today?" to which i have kept having to tell them "No, that's on Monday"

So it seems that my idea of downloading this show just for something to watch when we have nothing else has backfired on me well and truly, as now they are addicted to it lol.

It is actually now the only show i can put on at Dinner time that i can actually sit the whole way through and listen to without hearing a million different things coming from either side of me about so many random stuff. When i put it on it's instant silence in the house and they are jacked into the show.

So funny to watch, just wished they could be as quiet when i'm trying to watch all the other shows i like to watch lol.

So my suggestion to all parents out there that have little boys, if you want them to be quiet and you know they like cars get them stuck into Top Gear and leave them in the very incapable hands of Jeremy Clarkson & Richard Hammond.

Unfortunately after watching Top Gear Season 17 Episode 06 we have just been informed that it was the last episode of this series so now we have to wait for Season 18. Not good at all!


Saru Singhal said...

I haven't seen it but after reading your post, I will search it on the net and share my views.

Ben said...

Hehe it's a pretty decent show i must admit, and my boys seem to love it ;)

He said...

Awwww....poor james may !! where's his credit??..

Ben said...

Whoever He Is.. im guessing my old D, but im not much of a fan of James May i guess he's funny in his own way but Richard & Jeremy are much funnier than he is.