Saturday, 13 August 2011

Day 30: A Motto Or Philosophy

Straight off the bat here i will tell you guys the utter truth, i have no Motto that i live by or Philosophy for that matter, but if i had to come up with one? well that would probably be:

  • Look out for number one, because nobody else will.

Obviously here, i am not talking about family, because i truly hope that everyone's family does look out for them but in terms of the work place and just general outside family it is definitely a motto that everyone should live by.

I think the main reason i would live by it, is the fact that in my lifetime (granted not very long as i am only 28) i have worked for 3 different company's and i have made what i thought have been friends within these company's only to find out that when you turn your back for more than 2 seconds they are willing to stab you in it, just to get ahead.
I personally am not like this at all, i don't step on people to get places and maybe i should be? but i prefer to get to somewhere especially in a work environment on merit of my accomplishments and not because i am able to stab someone in the back, or step on someone to get where i want.

So after a few years, i have finally learned that you should look out for number one, there is nothing wrong with making friends in the work place or outside of the work place if you will, in fact i encourage it but always keep in the back of your mind that they are out for themselves, so you should be as well.

Perhaps some people will not agree with this, and maybe i have just had bad experiences but i will still stick by what i think.

But i guess that is the final challenge complete, i am hoping that the people that read my blog have been able to learn a little something about me that they may have not known already, and for those who already knew everything about me? well i hope that you got to see what my thoughts and memories of the event's were.

You can view the whole 30 Day Challenge, by clicking the link >HERE<.

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