Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Majordomo Staghelm Downed!

Finally my guild The Frostwhisper Project got back to raiding, after a 2 week break due to lack of sign ups, unfortunately one of our main healers and dps decided to go on holiday for a couple of weeks which left us with pretty much nobody, or at least nobody with the gear requirements for Firelands, so last week i was dragged through the old content of Blackwing Decent, Bastion Of Twilight and Throne Of Four Winds. 
I decided that i couldn't be bothered to tank these what can only be described as shit holes so i took my hunter through instead, note to self dps'n in raids is boring and to much like hard work ;)

So as i was saying.... *sorry i seem to go off track whenever i speak about WoW*. We finally got back into Firelands this week, i half expected us not to do so well due to the break, but i was pleasantly surprised when we managed to clear all the way up to Majordomo Staghelm on Sunday night without to much wiping. Due to time constraints we were not able to have much time on Staghelm on the Sunday, but the few attempts we did have were quite successful getting him to around the 8% mark if i don't recall wrongly.

But yesterday we went back inside for another 4 hour raid, and headed straight for Staghelm. We ran with 1 tank (Death Knight), 3 Healers (Shaman, Paladin, Priest) and the rest of the 10 man group made up as DPS, due to Staghelm only being a 1 tank fight i had made the executive decision as Raid Leader that i would go DPS, normally i'm the Main Tank of the guild. 
So we began our attempts on him, which in all honesty went pretty well, we had a few close wipes at around the 10% mark, but ended up having mega issues with the second transition where he spawns mushroom type fire things that 2 dps are meant to alternate taking stacks off the damage, but after a few attempts we managed to group ourselves together and work these out.
But for some odd reason we were still wiping, i began to review the DPS to see if we were perhaps lacking and decided that since i was doing pretty low dps (between 14-16k) that i would let our Death Knight tank try and DPS instead, and i would take the tanking spot. I actually think i made the right decision here because not only am i better geared than our Death Knight, granted not by much but he also seemed to do a bucket load more damage than i did.

So finally after switching positions myself to tank and the Death Knight to dps we managed to bring him down once and for all, with only one death which was quickly rectified by a quick combat resurrection by our resident Warlock   

The Frostwhisper Vs. Majordomo Staghelm
So now the only boss that remains within the Firelands that my guild hasn't taken down is the final boss of the instance "Ragnaros", we actually had a few attempts on him last night and it went pretty well but i think it might take us another week or two to bring him into a pile of molten lava, but i'm really happy and impressed by our current progress with this raid instance, so big congratulations going out to all my guildies! 

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