Thursday, 4 August 2011

Day 21: Something You Know You Do Differently Than Most People

Ok i have been racking my brains all day about this one, in between feeling ill, and in all honesty i cannot think of one single thing that i do differently to the people i know.

I guess i could include that i'm probably the only man i know that always puts the toilet seat down after using the toilet, i think most men just use the toilet and leave it as it is, but since i moved to Sweden and started to share a bathroom with two females i began to start doing it.

I'm not entirely sure if it counts as something i do differently but i'm yet to see another guy who puts the toilet seat down after use so im sticking with it.

So yea sorry if it's not exactly what the challenge was looking for but it's all i could come up with after several hours of thinking about it.

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