Thursday, 4 August 2011

Not Feeling Great.

So since Sunday afternoon i have been getting these odd dizzy spells and feeling feint all the time, i originally put it down to perhaps dehydration and the fact that we are getting non stop 30oC+ weather everyday of the week, but i woke up this morning still feeling the exact same way.

I'm not to sure what the hell is wrong with me but i'm beginning to get worried about it, i was putting stuff away in the dishwasher earlier and all of a sudden the room just started to spin like crazy, i mean i have never ever felt this way EVER, not even when under the influence of alcohol. I ended up having to quickly put down the dish i had in my hand and sit on the floor as fast i could before i fell to the floor it was horrible.

I have been in contact with Marie my partner who works at the local hospital and she has said that we should give it until Monday to see if it is perhaps a virus that i have picked up from somewhere, i'm crossing my fingers this is the case if not i will have to take a trip into town and visit the doctors i think and have myself looked at, cause i cannot go on feeling the way i am right now.

I was planning on trying to get things sorted out next week in terms of School etc, but i don't think i will be able to do anything feeling the way i am.

But i think that's enough blogging for right now, i shall try and do the 30 Day Challenge later on today if i feel up to it, but right now i think i'm going to head off grab a glass of cold water and lie on the couch. I'm just ever so grateful that the kids have gone away for the day to their grandparents, as i honestly don't think i would be up to doing to much today.

Hope everyone else is having a better day than i am :)

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