Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Day 20: A Food You Like And A Food You Do Not Like

Well it seems that we have only 10 days left of these damn challenges, if i knew they would have been this annoying at the start i would never have decided to start doing them but oh well, last 10 days to get to know me i suppose :)

So a food i like? well that's pretty easy Fried Pizza & Chips from the chip shop back in Scotland, unfortunately with me now living in Sweden i am unable to have this and have to wait until i go back to Scotland but it's well worth the 6 hour trip hehe, plus i get to see my folks so it's a added bonus.

I had considered opening my own Chip Shop over here in Sweden, but i don't think it would take off over here, mainly for the fact that Swedish people seem to like to eat healthy foods most of the time, i mean there is alot of restaurants around and things like Pizza Shops etc but i just don't think there is a market over here for a chippy, which is very unfortunate .

But a food i dislike well that is a extremely long list i have to admit, not that i am a picky eater it's just certain foods i just dislike, the main thing i hate is Lemon any dish that has alot of lemon in it i just cannot eat at all. I don't know why that is but my taste buds just cannot handle anything with lemon in it.

So there you have it the food i love the most and the food i hate the most! :)


Bhavna said...

hey so you want to be a food entrepreneur.? why not ? as you said the place where you live may not have people eating junk food they prefer healthy food..I would say there are both kinds of people everywhere may be they don't have enough junk food option around which is inexpensive and good ....anyways I want to wish you luck for all your ventures...Happy Blogging

Jidhu Jose said...

best of luck man

Saru Singhal said...

I agree even I don't like lemons as I get throat infection if there is excess of lemon in a dish or drink....