Monday, 29 August 2011

What A Weekend.

On Saturday myself and the family had planned a trip into town, mainly to get Alex out the house since he had been cooped up in the house for the last two days due to his broken foot, but Marie had managed to arrange to get him a wheelchair from her work on Friday so our plan for town was in full swing.

Marie had claimed that it was going to be around 30oC (86oF) but as i looked outside it clearly looked like it was going to rain, so i had told her but like every woman in the world she just completely ignored me, so off we went into town and decided once there that we would have a sandwich and cup of coffee at one of the café's, due to us having the wheelchair there was no way in hell that we would get it inside, so we opted to eat and drink outside. Well as i had predicted 20 minutes after we began to eat the heavens opened up and the downpour began, i don't know if other men do this but when i have once again been proven correct i like to have a little chuckle to myself while mocking my fiancée, safe to say she doesn't appreciate it but oh well i find it hilarious.

Marie had got a recipe from Sylvia at Frolic Through Life for home-made Italian Meatballs with a home-made Tomato sauce, i'm not to sure if we did something wrong or if it is just how it's meant to taste but i could not finish it, neither could any of the kids or Marie for that matter, the amount of tomato's that was in it was just far to much for myself to handle, not that i don't like tomato's because i actually love them on sandwiches etc but i just could not cope at all with this dish. The meatballs on there own without any sauce was absolutely fantastic so i think we just need to find another sauce to go with them, or perhaps reduce the amount of tomato's in the sauce.

Home-made Meatballs with a Tomato Sauce.
Now it looked the same as Sylvia's but perhaps the taste was different?

So yesterday came around and i had decided to be a good guy and help out Marie clean the house, we normally clean all the way through the week, but then do a really good clean on the weekends, or should i say Marie normally does, but recently she has been making hints that i haven't been helping around the house as much as i could so decided to show her that i was great at cleaning. She opted to take the hoovering and as she did that i managed to get the Livingroom, Kitchen & Bathroom completely clean, safe to say it was not up to her "standards" whatever they may be but i tried surly that's all that counts?

The boys also went to the cinema yesterday to see the new Cars 2, it was our daughter's gift to them so Marie's mum was nice enough to come up here and pick the boys and their sister up along with Marie (Apparently Marie's mum was unable to carry our son up to the cinema) so Marie went along to do it, which was quite nice since Marie managed to go into our local supermarket and get the shopping for the whole week. But they came back and had a awsome time, and loved the movie to bits. Was quite funny cause the first thing they said to me was "THE TV WAS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT WAS SO LOUD YOU COULD HEAR EVERYTHING ALL OVER THE HOUSE!!!!" lol. They didn't quite understand it wasn't a house but come on they are only 6 so yea, it was a fun packed weekend.

But now everything is back to normal, Marie has gone back to work and has started back to her normal job again, Mikaela is off to school and i took the boys up to school this morning, even Alexander i'm just hoping that he was ok today, he had his wheelchair and his crutches so there shouldn't have been to many problems, but i guess i'll find out when he comes home in a few hours.

But for now i think i will bid you all farewell, sorry that i haven't blogged that much over the last few days but just not really been in the mood, and thought i would take a couple of days off.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


Bob ButterBottom said...

I missed the whole broken foot thing. That is much worse than a broken arm if he can't walk on it.
Secret to good homemade meatballs - 2 parts ground beef + 1 part ground pork. Pork makes the world go round.

Ben said...

I think we did it 1 part chicken, 2 part pork, and like i said it wasn't the meatballs that was the problem it was more the sauce, i'm not to sure if we added far to much tomato sauce or what it was but you can see by the picture how lumpy it was and that was crushed up tomato's..

Daddy Knows Less said...

Chop 3 gloves of garlic, a shallot, and some parsley and brown it in oilive oil. When it starts browning, add enough white wine to cover just the bottom of the pot. When it starts bubbling a bit, add your tomatoes. I do a can of tomato sauce (not puree it's too sweet). And I throw a bunch of fresh tomatoes in the food processor and add those. Let it simmer. Then do your meatballs. Dont cook them all the way. When they're nice and cooked on the outisde but still a little red on the inside, add them to the sauce. Salt and pepper to taste. Let that baby simmer for a couple hours and mangia! -from your Italian-American friend

Ben said...

Cheers DKL i'll get Marie to give it a whirl :)