Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Blues.

It's been one of those days today, you know the ones where you wake up and you just feel like utter crap all day, not because your unwell but mainly because you can't wake the hell up no matter what you do! 
Well that's been my day all day today, no matter what i try i just feel like sleeping some more, but who wants to waste all their weekend sleeping? certainly not me.

So pretty much my day has consisted of lying around the couch watching crap on the television hoping i can wake the hell up, Ok so lying around the couch probably wasn't the most productive way to wake up and of course it didn't help but i honestly didn't have the energy to do anything else. Plus there is many things you can do while lying on the couch all day.

Things like winding your Siberian Husky up so much that he wants to eat you!

I always find it funny when i play with Kaiser like this, mainly for the fact that he tries to act like this big scary Siberian Husky and in reality he's a big girls blouse, i mean all those noises you here him do in the movie that sounds like growling is in reality just him talking and having fun, but he sounds mean.

Oh yea and note he isn't actually biting me, we trained him from the minute we got him that biting was bad or even chewing on us was bad, so he never does it instead he will put your hand in his mouth just to taste what it would be like and then throws it up in the air or to the side but he never bites down, he's such a cutie when he wants to be.

This actually went on for about 10 minutes before big mean mummy Marie stepped in to ruin all our fun like normal, she can't stand when Kaiser barks so when he gets over excited and starts to bark instead of his normal grumble, howling type voice the play time is officially over. Mean Mummy Is Mean!!

But we had some fun, for now i think i'll head off back to my lovely couch and watch those two movies i was meant to watch yesterday, i really have no idea if they will be any good, but from the YouTube trailers they looked like they would be decent enough to watch, so i'll go and check them out and see what i think.

If your looking for a really good movie to watch yourself, i would highly recommend a film called Arthur starring Russell Brand. It is just absolutely hilarious the way Russell Brand acts in this movie it literally had me cracked up the whole way through, even if it is technically one of those soppy romantic flicks. So definitely if your bored and looking for a good movie then check it out, you won't be disappointed at all. 


dawn said...

I really miss seeing Kaiser he's getting sooooo big now lol also what he like trying to make people think that he is really scary he's really just a big cuddly bear xxx

Ben said...

Believe it or not mum, he is the exact same size as the last time you seen him, maybe put on a bit more weight but other than that he's the same size :)

but idd he's such a bit softy he doesn't know how to be mean lol!

dawn said...

He just looks bigger but it could just be the way he's standing that makes look like he's grew lol xx

Ben said...

Hahah quite possible mum! :) But nah he's the same size as he was before and wont grow anymore. I want another one or 2 or 3 or 4 :P

Must find good paying job!