Sunday, 31 July 2011

Really Great Raid!

Alysrazor Downed
Well all i can say about tonight is holy fricken shit!!! We headed into Firelands today and because one of our raiders didn't show up we ended up scrambling around looking for a replacement luckily enough we were able to find one pretty fast and began.

We managed to take down Shannox pretty quickly, and move onto Lord Ryholith, i have no idea why but he seemed to give us a bit of trouble tonight activating volcano's in stupid places and caused us to wipe a good few times before we eventually took him down.
Once he was  toast we headed to our old spider friend Beth'tilac which we unfortunately wiped on due to my World Of Warcraft client freezing and disconnecting me from the game, but i got back on-line and we rebuffed and one shooted the bitch dead, before moving onto Baleroc who ended up dead aswell after a few attempts.
I'm not entirely sure if Blizzard has buffed this fight without releasing any patch notes, but myself and the other tank seemed to be taking alot more damage than we normally do, but we got him so that's all that matters.

So once more we moved ourselves back onto Alysrazor, as i said in a previous post we had managed to get the overall tactic nailed pretty solid, it would just require us to step up the teamwork and we would have her down and tonight, after only about four attempts on her we did exactly that, i unfortunately got killed by my hatchling just as we entered Phase 2 of the fight for the third time, but with Alysrazor only on 10% health we we're able to take her down with just the one remaining tank we had left, so overall a absolutely fantastic result tonight!

We also had a little go at Mr. Staghelm, but unfortunately as neither myself nor my raid knew the tactics he was pretty challenging although we did manage to bring him down to 65% health after only 3 attempts, i think we have got his tactic secure now, we just need a little bit more co-ordination and i'm pretty sure he will be dead really quickly as well.

But i think that is me for tonight, unfortunately we didn't get enough signs for tomorrow nights raid so i'm getting a night off which i think will be very nice as i have been going hard at it since basically the release of Cataclysm, so having a few nights off here and there is always appreciated. And i'm sure my guildies who raid on a regular basis feels the exact same way.

But for now i bid you all farewell and a really goodnight.. 

Raiding In Hot Weather.

What can i say i have a raid in about 1 hour 10 minutes and i'm absolutely dreading it like you wouldn't believe.

It is currently about 28oC (82.4oF) in the house and i feel like i'm about to pass out, i have tried everything currently (took a cold shower etc) but nothing is helping and what makes it even worse is the fact that i have to raid tonight, and when i raid i sweat even more. Don't ask why i sweat like hell when i raid i just do, no matter if it's content we have cleared before or if it's content we're working on no matter when i play WoW i sweat like a motherfucker.

I had contemplated taking my laptop outside as one of my guild members suggested but unfortunately i have no long extension cord so i would have to take my laptop out the front, and let's just say out the front we have no fence so i would be in full view of everyone and i think me sitting there with my super white Steelseries headset would just make me look like a compete retard.

I mean i'm a complete gaming nerd i admit that, in fact i could probably walk right outside now and scream to the whole town "I'M A COMPLETE GAMING NERD!!!!" but the idea of actually sitting outside with my laptop in full view of everyone with my headset on just seems a little bit over the top?

So it seems i'm just going to have to suffer in the heat and hope that i don'accidentally pass out while raiding, we have a household fan that i could steal i guess and put it next to me to keep me cool in this heat, so we shall see.

Anyway's i only have about 1 hour left before i have to login and get ready to rock and roll, so i'm going to leave it here and go chill out for the last hour.

Anyone wanting to buy some sun (not it all!) is more than welcome to place their bid in the comments section below.

Cya folks!

Day 17: An Art Piece

To be honest i'm not a art person, not saying that i cannot look at something someone has painted or drew and not appreciate what they have done, but i don't understand the fun in actually looking at art, so you will never see me in any sort of art studio or museum.

However i am absolutly fascinated with gaming art, you know the stuff people paint and draw from games? Well that is the type of art i can actually spend all day just looking at.

Mainly because it fascinates me how talented the average person is, not just famous artist but just some random kid sitting in his bedroom drawing.

So if i had to choose a peice of art that i liked then i guess it would be this piece:

Click The Image To View It Full Sized.

I'm not to sure who actually done the piece but i just find it absolutly amazing, i would really love to get it as a tattoo if i'm totally honest. I mean the way she looks is just sick and not to mention the detail off her clothing and weapon etc.

So there you have it, but what would your favorite piece be?

Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Beach

So yesterday i decided that we should take the kids into town to our local beach, it looked pretty dull out when we woke up but after a hour or so it really became really hot and nice so we grabbed the kids and headed to the train station.

On the way we decided that we would take a wee stop into ICA (local supermarket) and get what the Swedish like to call "Fika" (basically its just something to drink and eat), while we were in there i was trying to convince the twins that we were at the location to play and that they should play with the Cat Sand (you know the crap that cats use to pee & shit in?) but for some reason they didn't quite like that idea.

Let's just say i've never met any child in the world that doesn't love the beach but once we arrived at the local lake all we heard was "I don't want to be here!" i mean talk about a slap in the face, safe to say we told them that we were going to be here and that was the end of it.

Alexander literally hates the water, he refuses to go in our pool here at home unless everyone is in it and pretty much ran back and forth out the lake while we were there.

So alex decided that instead of going into the nice warm lake (literally the water is warm and nice) he would play with his frisbee and then go off and play in the sand with his bucket and spade, while the other two played away in the lake.
While everyone else was having fun it gave me a nice chance to just chill out and enjoy the sun.

Without a word of a lie about twenty minutes being there the kids were moaning to go away, that it was boring. I mean what kid doesn't like the beach???? it really confuses me so we decided to have some "Fika" and then head up to the in-laws.

Let's just say when you phone up your in-laws and they say "Sure come on up" what they really mean is "Please don't come up" or at least that is the impression myself and Marie got yesterday as we arrived at her mum and dads. 
I don't think i have ever felt more unwelcome anywhere than i did yesterday, perhaps it was just the impression myself and Marie got.

At least the kids got to see their grandparents and have a waterballoon fight with actual Balloons, they don't seem to break on impact like waterballoons, but oh well the kids had fun.

So a pretty fun day, except the part of feeling unwelcome, but we all enjoyed our trip to the beach so that's all that matters.

Day 16: A Song That Makes You Cry

Well we have finally came to a challenge i cannot do at all.

There is seriously not one song in the whole entire world that brings a tear to my eyes at all. So what shall i do in this situation, well i'll give you a song but it doesn't make me cry or anything just makes me happy to listen to.

Sorry for not being able to complete this challenge but it was a bit of a silly one in all honesty.

Once again sorry i cannot complete the challenge but i cannot think of a single song that even comes close to bringing a tear to my eye.

But is there is a song that makes you cry?

Friday, 29 July 2011

Sommarland - Sky Pirates

So yesterday i wrote about our family trip to Skara Sommarland that we took on Wednesday, but unfortunatly if i had continued to write on that blog post it would have probably taken everyone about three days to read through it all so i decided to split it up into two parts.

While we were at Sommarland we decided that we would go and see a show that they put on there called "Sky Pirates" basically it's these absolute psychotic people who put on a show jumping from great hights into a pool of water etc.

They actually put on a really entertaining show for all the family, although i have to admit some of the stuff they do really scares the crap out of me.

I have seen this show twice before, but i still get amazed at how the woman on the right jumps from quite high up and skips all the way down into the water, it's just absolutly amazing. But they get worse as they go on, or maybe not worse but more amazing.

I managed to catch the Capitan mid flip which i found pretty kewl, and then out of the blue the younger member of their crew comes out and climbs up one of the masts and sets himself on fire. I MEAN WHAT???!?!? 

What really amazes me is the fact their whole team can climb up to different heights on the masts and then all at once they will jump off and land in the small pool at the bottom, i mean that takes some crazy ass co-ordination don't you think??
But as you can see on the picture to the right, the young guy climbed all the way to the top of the mast because the crowd was screaming at him to, i mean seriously what would happen if something would go wrong? i know these guys train day in and day out but it only takes one small mistake and things could go seriously wrong, but how would the crowd feel if something did go wrong after they are screaming at him to go right to the top? lol. The thought scares the hell out of me.

But if you have never seen anything like this i would highly recommend it, as it is truly a awsome display. I have attached a small video from youtube below that you can actually see some of what they do, unfortunatly it's from 2009 and the show has changed slightly but you get the general idea :)

Day 15: Five Funny Fears

Hmmmm five funny fears, in all honesty i aint afraid of anything because im a MAN!!! MWHAHAHA..

Ok i'm lying but i really have no idea about this one if i have to be totally truthful.

None of my fears i would call funny so i'm just going to write five things that im afraid off and be done with it i reckon.

Five Funny Fears:

  1. I'm afraid of my items being scratched (i.e. Mobile etc) so i leave the plastic covering on them.
  2. I absolutly fear spiders, i have no idea why but i just really hate them, so they normally die on sight.
  3. I have a absolute fear of hights, although its strange cause i dont have a fear of flying.
  4. I'm afraid of wasps & bee's, never been stung in my life and i plan on it staying that way *touch wood*.
  5. I'm afraid of speaking Swedish, this one is probably the most stupidest since i live in the country, but it's more a fear of screwing it up rather than speaking it if you know what i mean.
So there you have it five fears of mines, don't know if they are funny or just retarded but all the same there you have it :P

So what is the five things you fear the most?

Thursday, 28 July 2011


As most of the people that read my blog will know, yesterday myself and the family took a day trip out to the Skara Sommarland Amusement Park here in Sweden.

So at around 09:20 we set off from home and took the train into our local town of Lidköping, we had decided not to let the boys know where we were going until we were on the train, but Marie decided while waiting on the train here in Järpås that she would see if they could guess.

"So where do you think we are going then boys?" Asked marie, to which max replied "Are we going to Nan & Grandad's??????" All excited at the prospect of seeing them, unfortunatly we had to brake his poor little heart and tell him no, especially considering all we had with us was one backpack lol, and one backpack for a trip to Scotland just doesn't quite do it lol.

But alex managed to guess right and that was them off with their "YAY YAY YAY SOMMARLAND YAY".

Let's just say from there it was downhill, every five minutes the same question over and over again "are we nearly there yet?". 
Unfortunatly myself & Marie don't have a drivers licence so we are forced to take public transport which normally leaves us waiting around random towns for 20+ minutes at a time which is never fun, and this time was no different, we arrived in a town called Skara and had to sit there and wait for 30 minutes until the bus to Sommarland actually arrived. Lets just say with two very excited children and blistering heat it is not fun, but we got through it :)

Kids Waiting Patiently In Skara.
Well eventually after about 3 hours of traveling we finally arrived, all ready to rock and roll.

Kids Entering Sommarland.
So we had finally arrived and the adventure began, we kicked off by letting the twins go on this kind of aeroplane ride thing that spun around and they could move the plains up and down.

Once they had finished with their aeroplanes and had a little buzz around on some electric cars stuck to a track the twins decided they wanted to go on the swings, i personally HATE these things after a bad experience on them as a kid, but the twins absolutly have no fear in the world and love it. After they had finished with them, their sister decided that she would take them on a ride called "The Lighthouse" it's a small mini version of those rides that go up high and then freefall, It seemed the twins enjoyed it more than their sister did lol.

I'm not to sure if Mikaela wanted to actually laugh or cry while on that ride, but myself and Marie found it hysterical to watch.
I then decided since Marie wasn't feeling up to any rides that i would take the boys on the Tea Cups, yea i know cool of me right? well i hate amusement parks with a vengence so your lucky to get me on one ride :P

Poor Max (Right Picture) about went flying onto the floor when it started, so i think the look on his face right now is like "PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE" but he eventually loved it after about 2 minutes spinning around thanks to his sister lol.

After we had finished with the tea cups and getting something to eat which believe it or not took nearly 2 hours just to stand in the queue to be served we decided that it was time to go and view the Sky Pirate (I will make a new blog about these guys tomorrow i think.)

But it was an amazing day out, the boys had a absolute blast and me and Marie? well lets just say i have never felt so knackered in all my life, i was ready to die come 7pm, but at the end of the day the kids loved it so that is all that counts. And to end their trip they managed to win a couple of stuffed teddybears so that finished off their day at Sommarland just perfectly.

The Kids Leaving Sommarland With Their Teddybears.

Please note that if you click the images, you can see them full sized.

Day 14: A Vacation You Would Like To Take

If i had to choose anywhere i would love to go on Vacation, i think i would have to choose either Japan or China in all honesty.

I totally love the whole Samurai and Ninja stuff and would love to visit places that represented them and had history of them if you know what i mean?

Not that i wouldn't like to see Tokyo or Beijing but i would much prefer to see the history of the country and go and visit stuff that would show that and i don't think places like Tokyo or Beijing would represent that enough for me.

So definitely i would have to choose one of these two countries, there is probably millions of places around the world i would love to visit but if i had to choose my dream holiday then one of these two locations would win hands down.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

What Have We Created?

Remember the times where kids would go out and play on their bikes, kick around a football with friends and just generally have a laugh. I remember that when i was a young lad i was bearly in the house, always out having a blast with friends or even just out the front of the garden playing on my own.

But these days no, kids are hooked on technology, TV, PC's and Game Consoles and unfortunatly my two kids have become just that, techno junkies.

As people are aware who read my blog the other day, the twins were away at their dads for the weekend and upon arriving home on Monday thats all they could think about. They normally jump out of his car and hug their mummy and say how much they missed her and couldn't wait to come home to see her, but not this time. They hopped out the car, gave Marie a quick hug and asked "Can we go and play our Cars console?"

I mean way to make your mum feel special right?

So it seems that in the course of a few months my lovely two boys have went from being fun loving kids who want to go outside and play in the sun and generally get up to stuff, to being a couple of kids that would rather sit up stairs all day and play a games console.
I really shouldn't be that suprised since afterall im a complete gaming nerd myself, and they have watched me spend countless hours playing World Of Warcraft, so does this mean my dream that i have had since they were small little boys bearly able to walk will come true? Will i have them in a years time logging into my WoW account and doing my dailys for me in the morning before they head off to school? or perhaps logging in on the weekends to go raid on my character?
All i can say is "HERE'S HOPING LOL!!!!"

So the twins got up today at 09:30 this morning and Marie handed them their cerial for breakfast, and i'm not kidding they didn't even finish it five minutes before asking "Can we go upstairs and play our game??"
Of course we refused and made them go away and tidy up their bedrooms before allowing them, but honestly we have created some gaming nerds i think.

(Max kicking ass at some Mickey Mouse game)

(Alex patiently waiting for his turn)

It's actually quite surprising that he was sitting so patiently since normally we are constantly hearing them argue about who's playing and who played last, which then results in one of them coming down to us with "X is playing all the time, it's not fair, it's my shot" which is normally resolved quickly by "if you don't stop arguing we're going to come up and turn it off".

 (The actual game they were playing not the best pic but oh well)

And then to top it off, after they were bored with playing their console they decided to come down the stairs, after they heard me playing some music on YouTube and decided it would be a great idea to take over my laptop while i was away out the back having a cigarette.
(Damn those children of mines lol)

And then to top it off, we normally have the children set the table for dinner but yesterday Marie shouted up to them, "ok kids come down and set the table for me please" the only reply that was given was "but mum.... we're playing, you can set the table" i mean seriously!!!! of course we shouted up get the console off and get your asses down here and set the table but i mean it's just so funny to hear some of the things that kids will come out with.

But the way i see it if they're doing that at least they aren't doing stuff they are not meant to be doing, like playing in the bathroom and jumping on their beds etc so i suppose thats one benifit.

Day 13: Five Strange Facts About You

I have to start by saying this is probably the toughest challenge yet, mainly for the fact i have no fricken clue what is strange about me except everything! :/

But i guess i have to do it since its the rules of doing this thing so here goes i guess.

5 Strange Facts About Me:

  1. I'm totally anal about spelling and the way stuff is presented on my computer, for example all folders and files must be named a certian way. (Pictures Of Myself) notice that all the letters of the first one is capitalized, even music tracks must be named ("Track Number". Arists - Song")
  2. No matter how cold it in the house when i play a computer game i sweat like a russian hooker who's on the job.
  3. I absolutly suck at DIY (I personally blame my dad for this one) but my idea of putting up a picture is sticking a six inch nail in the wall and hanging it up.
  4. I cannot sit still ever, although i may actually be sitting on my ass, i tend to bob my leg up and down constantly (This is something that really annoys the shit out of Marie).
  5. I love to wind people up, but once they have had enough i tend to go in a bad mood and sit silent for the rest of the day as im pissed off they didn't find it funny.
So i guess thats my 5 strange facts, dont know if any of them are actually strange but it was the best i could come up with :P

So what's your 5 strange facts?

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

No Blog Tomorrow.

Well tomorrow is going to be an exciting day for the family as we head off to an amusement park here in Sweden for the day.
So unfortunatly tomorrow there will be pretty much no blogging what so ever, i have prepared a couple of blogs to post before i head off to keep all my happy readers amused while im away but other than these two posts there will be nothing.

Click the image to goto Sommarlands Website.

So yea, hopefully tomorrow will be alot of fun for all the family, they have apparently built some new attractions including a new Flume Ride which is a little bit smaller than the one they have at Liseberg in Gothenburg so hopefully i can get the twins to go on it with us, although they are not that fond of water so it might be difficult but we shall see.

But for now i think i'll head off to bed and get some rest because tomorrow is going to be a very very very long day for me :)

Good night folks.

Dad's Not Allowed To Sleep.

I decided that i would try and have a little nap for a bit, as i was pretty knackered and the kids had taken over my laptop listening to stupid songs on YouTube. Unfortunatly for me everyone else in the house had other idea's.

Apparently it's against some sort of family law to let your old man take a wee afternoon nap before dinner or something like that because my kids just refused to let me sleep.

Both Max & Alex decided that they would double team me in an attempt at ruining my lovely nap.. Evil Kids!

When simple poking and grabbing my arm was not enough to actually make me open my eyes and get up from the couch, Max decided to take it upon himself to jump on top of me, trust me having a 22kg (3.4 Stone) child jumping on you is not FUN!, seriously anyone who thinks it is has a screw missing upstairs.
However i continued to at least lie there with my eyes closed, hoping to the gods above that they would leave me be to at least just relax my eyes.

Errr no... 

My little boys decided that since all else was failing, they would call upon reinforcements and bring the my Sibe into the picture, let's just say i can take on two little boys without much hasstle, but when the dog jumps in on top of that it becomes a complete new battle.

So safe to say i'm back up and awake again and my little nap lasted a whole 5 minutes if im lucky.

I think it is time that all dads across the world come together and come up with some law that allows us to take naps when we need them!

Day 12: A Song That You Want Played At Your Wedding

mmm well this is tough one for me in all honesty, why? well simply for the fact i believe it's normally the woman that plans all the wedding stuff and the man just turns up says "i do" or whatever they say in Swedish maybe "ja" or some shit... (ooops nearly started writing in swedish there lol).
Or perhaps they don't even say it, either way when it comes to picking a wedding song or just a song being played at the wedding i really have no idea.. I guess my first choice would be.

I mean why not lol? your agreeing to be locked to one person for your entire life, so i guess "Don't Fear The Reaper" in this sense the reaper being your wife would probably be a good choice.

Hahahahah nah ok maybe not?

I guess if i really had to choose a song that i would love to be played it would have to be the classic "3 Doors Down" track "Here Without You" now i know many people will say, but that songs about not being with someone and being lonely and all that, but it was the song that myself and Marie used to play on repeat for many months before we actually moved in together, and it meant alot to us since she was living in Sweden and i was in the UK.

So definetly i think that would have to be my choice, since whenever i am not with Marie which ain't alot i sometimes still to this day five years later love to sit and listen to that song, and just think of the days where the only way we were together was locked inside a computer game.

Not to mention it's an absolutly amazing song! :)

Monday, 25 July 2011


Well it's been a pretty good day today, the kids came back from their dads house at 16:00 and enjoyed a nice Philly Cheesesteak sandwich with me and Marie which we all enjoyed alot :)
Also had another raid tonight with my guild The Frostwhisper Project which actually went alot better than i expected, we started off by one shotting Beth'tilac the little spider bitch and then moved onto Alysrazor, unfortunatly we were unable to take her down but we did get to grips with the mechanics off the encouter, so that was a bonus.
I think next time we go for her, with a little bit of extra co-ordination and some proper teamwork we will be able to down her without to much a issue, plus the few upgrades people will get from other fights will help us alot.

So yea, a pretty good day overall, but now i am completely knackered and ready for bed, im hoping tomorrow will be a really nice day so that myself and Marie can spend some time outside with the boys, maybe head to a swing park or something and let them cycle around a bit.

But for now i think it is time for me to head to my wonderful bed and get some shut eye. The downside of having kiddies is the fact we have to get up at 08:00 instead of when we want :) but hehe that's life.

Good night everyone! and for everyone in the guild that took part tonight, well done..
Would also like to put out another special thanks to Gill & Dan for sorting out RL to be able to come and raid and help us not cancel a raid, really appreciated it guys, more than you know <3

Day 11: A Photo Of You Taken Recently

Well as the title says here is a picture of me taking recently, please don't laugh lol :P

It was taken on Saturday night, while i was lying on the couch half asleep watching Burn Notice, think it was like 12pm or something like that but yea i was really knackered at that point, and Marie was running around snap happy with the camera to post on her blog... Don't ask! ....

(Click On The Image To See Full Size)

It's a bad picture i have to admit... but all pictures i take are bad :)

Philly Cheesesteak Cont.

Well earlier i posted that my fiancee Marie was going to attempt to make me a Philly Cheesesteak, something i've been wanting to try ever since i seen them on a cooking show i was watching.

Well today was the day and i have to say for her very first attempt it was awsome, i have no idea what they are actually meant to taste like and if it was as good as one from the United States, but it was damn well good all the same.

I'm unsure if i could eat them on a regular basis, but once in a while i think would be totally awsome, mainly for the fact of the amount of cheese etc that is actually inside them, its a very greasy dish but damn it tastes good!

Here is a picture of the one Marie made, it wasn't the same bread as you are meant to get because we couldn't seem to find them here in Sweden but either way lovely bread and lovely filling.

(Click Image To See Full Sized)

Even our two twin boys enjoyed them, saying "Ohhhh what good food you made mum" lol.. So if they ate it then it can't be all that bad, safe to say me being the fat bastard that i am, i managed to eat both of them without much struggle :)

Dinner Should Be Interesting.

So myself and Marie have just come back from town, doing our normal quick monday shop while the kids are all away, and Marie had decided to try and make me something i have been going on about now for a good few months..

So today she has decided to attempt to me a Philly Cheesesteak, we have no idea how it's meant to be made except for a rough recipe that she grabbed online, but i gotta say they just look soooooo tasty.
Unfortunatly i have nothing to compare it to as i have never been to the United States, but they all seem to love them so hopefully Marie can replicate it.

Safe to say it should be a very interesting meal :) Here is hoping it tastes as good as it looks.



(Click The Image To See Full Size)

New Penny Arcade Strip about Google+ lmfao!!

i want a invite to Google - haha.

Sunday, 24 July 2011


Well today has been quite a slow day if im totally honesty, spent most of the day just lying around the couch watching crap on TV and by crap i mean CRAP!.. I mean i even watch Paris Hilton BFF show how sad am i???

So yea it's been a pretty boring day today, tomorrow i got to head into town with Marie to do some more shopping, which should be a pretty quick trip since the twins don't come back from their dads until later on tomorrow afternoon and Mikaela is currently staying at her friends house until Tuesday, so it looks like it will be a quick in grab some shopping and back out again.

But now i'm totally and utterly knackered, been raiding since 18:00 my time until now, unfortunatly it didn't go quite as i expected and we only managed to down three bosses out of the four we have taken down currently so yea not a bad raid, but not a great raid either. But unfortunatly we had a couple of new people in the raid this week so i guess we just have to get them used to the tactics etc and everything will be fine.

But for now i think i'll go chill out a little bit and watch some TV before heading to bed.

Goodnight everyone, hope your day has been a bit more fun packed than mines :)

My Top 10 TV Shows.

As many of my friends and family know i'm a massive fan of TV Shows, i download loads of them and watch them like everyday.
I even have a spreadsheet made up with all the TV shows i watch and what season im on, what episode i've watched up to, if it's on break and when it will be returning. I'm just so hooked on all types of shows so i decided that it would be pretty cool if i made my top 10 favorite TV shows that i love to watch / watched, maybe doing this will let you guys see some shows that you would never have seen before.

So here goes:

  1. Sons Of Anarchy (This show is by far my most favorite show ever!)
  2. A Game Of Thrones (Another amazing TV Show that was made from books, i would highly recommend getting the books aswell!)
  3. True Blood (If you love Vampires, then you will love this show!)
  4. House M.D. (Totally awsome show about a crazy ass doctor.)
  5. Castle (Recently found this and definetly in my top 5 shows.)
  6. Shameless (A TV show from the UK, about a crazy family, if you love UK humour then this is a show you will love.)
  7. Hells Kitchen (Absolutly love Chef Ramsey, he's just an amazing chef and i love his whole persona, would highly recommend this show.)
  8. The Big Bang Theory (Only recently started watchign it, but currently watched all the season's out and i'm waiting for the new season to start, absolutly hilarious show.)
  9. The Shield  (My dad actually put me onto this show, there was only 7 seasons of the show, but after watching it, it definetly makes the top 10 list.)
  10. LOST (Currently finished and will not be returning, but if your looking for a awsome show then i woudl highly recommend getting your hands on all seasons of this!)
So there is my top 10 favorite TV shows of all time, i would highly recommend any of them if your bored and looking for something to watch.

Day 10: A Photo Of You Taken Over Ten Years Ago

A photo taken of me from over 10 years ago? well that will be a bit embaressing, mainly cause i lost most of my photo's so i only have photo's that were sent to me by my parents a while back.

So here is the winning picture i guess, mainly cause it's probably the only one that doesn't make me look like a complete idiot :P Have no idea where we were, or what we were doing but i still love the picture of me and my Mummy when i was young! :)

Saturday, 23 July 2011

It's Time For A Change

Have you ever just sat down and looked back on your life and thought to yourself, "damn what the hell have i done with my life?".

Well over the last few weeks i've been sitting thinking the exact same thing, in all honesty by this point in my life i had already expected to have been settled down, married with children with a good lifestyle but yet i find myself un-married and unemployed. I have children maybe not biologically mines, but still mine in every sense of the word, and i would never change it for anything in the world.

However i would love to change my life itself, i would call myself a proud person and possibly go as far as call myself stubborn aswell, which although may be good traits are also pretty bad ones aswell, not the proud part but certianly the stubborn.

So i find myself living in Sweden for 5 years and wondering why have i basically got the same lifestyle as i had in the UK?
I mean i had the opportunity when i moved over here to create a whole new life, a whole new person, change who i was back in the UK and create someone better, but for some reason i seem to have decided to just take the easy route and not bother.

There is many reasons for this and most of them are my fault, and maybe people will be sitting wondering well why not do something about it?
Well it isn't that i haven't been trying but perhaps i haven't tried enough and i have came to realise although i possibly already knew that it is not only myself i am hurting, but the chance of happiness for my family as well. Not that they are unhappy, but i feel i could be making my life and their's a lot better. During out lifetime Marie and i have been through a lot and i feel it is well deserved for us to have a little bit of happiness and security in our lives.

I mean i don't actually want alot in life if im totally honest, it's not like i want a flashy house, a super fast car or anything like that, all i really want is to be married to the woman i love and to have a great family, perhaps even add on to the family we have already (kinda miss being called dad) but without me changing my life i don't think any of these things will ever become possible. So once more it all falls back on myself, i mean there ain't no fricken fairy godmother out there that is going to help me out is there?

Don't get me wrong i am not unhappy in my life, i have met a person that i know is the "ONE" that everyone searches for in their lifes and although my twin boys are a bit over the top at times, they are also a great joy to have in life and my teenage daughter, well i'll let you know about her when she stops being a stroppy teen :P

So i have decided to head back to school and finish up what i had originally began (that's a complete other story). I mean there is no reason why i cannot continue to look for work while being in school now is there? and perhaps not sitting in the house 24/7 and meeting new people will give me the push i think i have been needing for a while now.

So if there was anything in your life that you could change, what would it be?

Day 9: A Photo You Have Taken

In today's challenge we had to find a photo we had taken and post it, so here is my selection.

This photo was taken at Christmas time in 2009, my dad had just come out of the shower and had decided he would shave his head like he normally does with a razor. Honestly don't know how the hell he manages to do it without slicing his head to peices but he does.

Anyways he decided once he had come back downstairs that he would go outside and found a nice clump of snow to stick on his head.. Don't ask....

What To Doooooo?

Well it's saturday morning, and i've been up since 07:00 since the twins go away to their dad's for the weekend. 

Once again it's pissing down outside so what the hell am i meant to do today?
I normally spend my days making sure the twins ain't doing things they are not meant to do but when they're away i am kinda left feeling bored and having no idea what to get up to. Although i still enjoy the nice break from them when they do go.

So what the hell am i meant to do today then? any ideas?

Friday, 22 July 2011

Worst Pug Ever!

So a while ago Blizzard decided to introduce a tool within World Of Warcraft called the "Looking For Group" tool which basically groups you or the group you are with up with a bunch of random people from different server, if your having issues trying to find people to join your group.

In many ways this tool is a awsome feature that should have been introduced way back when World Of Warcraft was launched but unfortunatly it wasn't, but we have it now.

However using this tool can only be described as like playing russian roulette. You can either end up with a good group or a group filled full of complete and utter retards.

Unfortunatly today i had the latter of two, and let me tell you the experience was far from enjoyable, infact i think taking a loaded gun and spinning the barrel, and then pointing it at myself would probably have been a damn sight more enjoyable.

So how did it all begin? well i entered the Looking For Group tool and waited for around 20mins on my Hunter this morning, now everyone who knows me in real life knows that i am not the most patient and easy to get along with person, Infact i could probably be described as a complete fucking tool first thing in the morning.
Anyways eventually after 20 minutes i was given the option to join a group, so in i went that was the biggest mistake i think i made this morning.

Upon entering the dungeon which was non other than Zul'Aman, i found that the tank was dead along with the two dps that was in the group, so of course i asked the normal question you ask when you join a group that seems to have wiped.
"What boss you at?" without any hesitation they all replied "at the first one, stupid healer was shit, tank got no heals!"

I was like oh right not to bad then, lets get this show on the road but upon going around the first corner in the instance i noticed that the first trash pack was still alive, that should have been my first clue right?
Well........ it wasn't.. I decided to give the group the benifit of the doubt and continue, we managed to clear the first trash pack with no problems and began making our way up the gauntlet run to the first boss, but nearing the end of the gauntlet the tank begins screaming at his new healer to leave the instance!
Personally i have no bloody idea why the hell he wanted him to leave, as he was keeping him alive and all us DPS who were pulling aggro left right and centre but he was, so after a few seconds of the healer deciding fuck you i ain't going anywhere our first tank left...... Great!.......... The worst thing in World Of Warcraft is waiting for tanks, they are so hard to come by because they are pretty much the main role in the whole game, no tank = no instance it's just that simple, especially when doing heroics.

So we once more re-entered the LFG tool and waited for a new tank, well after waiting a few minutes a new tank appeared, after inspecting his gear it looked pretty decent so i was sure that this was going to go smooth, so we continued up to the first boss and managed to down him without any hasstles and then cleared out way to the next boss.
As we reach the second boss you are faced with a trash pack containing two humans (1 melee & 1 caster) and two big bear's with trolls sitting on top of them. So me being the hunter in the group through down a frost trap where the caster guy walks so that he would be out of the game for a few minutes while we continued to fight the rest of the pack, but Noooooooo the stupid fucking retarded Shadow Priest in our group decided that he would mind control the mob, no worries at the end of the day aslong as the mob is out of the game then it's all good!

Well we got the boss down, and made out way to the next set of mobs to be taken down on the way to the 3rd boss, well this is where everything went downhill.. I once more used my Ice Trap and trapped a caster mob that does a fair amount of damage and has a AoE Fireball ability that really fricken hurts, long story short the absolutly retarded Shadow Priest this time decided that he wouldn't mind control my crowd controlled mob he would attack it instead, breaking it from my ice trap and wiping the group..... Bye Bye third tank.
So once more we were left looking for a new tank, eventually we found a new one but once more thanks to our wonderful Shadow Priest he left... Bye Bye forth tank.....

Once more we found myself with my group back in the LFG tool waiting for another tank, eventually we found our fifth tank but after killing the third boss he decided that the shadow priest sucked and because we couldn't kick him he would leave aswell...

Eventually after 2 hours 15 minutes and seven tanks, five new DPS we eventually completed the run, funnily enough without the Shadow Priest, it may have been something to do with my ranting and screaming that he was a complete and utter fucking retard and that he should die but either way we competed the run..

But what a bloody run, i think out of every instance run i have done in my time in WoW that this has to have been the worst run ever, i have never seen so many tanks come and go than i have on this day..