Monday, 18 July 2011

Day 4: A Favorite Quote

I have to admit trying to come up with a favorite quote was not the easiest thing i could do, i mean personally i have no quotes that i use myself. Mines are normally insults rather than quotes but according to my partner it can be a quote from a favorite movie or tv show or anything so once found out that it made it quite easy.

There is one quote from a classic Simpson's episode that i just loved from the minute i heard it and actually replayed it a few times just to keep the hysterical laughter going, so what is it you might say well it was a quote from Homer Simpson:

"No TV and No Beer make Homer something something!"

It's just absolutly brilliant, personally i would have to change it to be something like:

"No Computer and No Tea make Ben something something!"

But you get the general idea :)

Total classic Homer! so thats my quote for you, the one that still when i see that episode today makes me chuckle away to myself!

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