Monday, 18 July 2011

My Day So Far.

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Today i have been hard at it preparing myself for tonight's raid that i have with my guild in World Of Warcraft. Last night we managed to down Beth'tilac which only leaves us with Baleroc & Alysrazor left before heading off to the final 2 encouters of the raid instance.
So pretty much my whole day has been taken up by looking up strategies and looking at raid guides for these two encouters.
I have to admit that im not looking all that forward to Alysrazor, it seems a very complicated fight but i'm am pretty confident that once my raid guild gets to grips with the tactic for the encouter that we will be able to down her without to much hasstle. Baleroc on the other hand looks like a walk in the park i can honestly see my guild taking him down without to much hasstle, maybe it will take us a few attempts to just get familure with the tactic and the co-ordination that the encouter requires but once that is set in place like all bosses he will hit the floor. So my hopes for tonight is taking Baleroc down and then heading onto Alysrazor and with any luck we might even be able to take her down aswell *Fingers Crossed*

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As you may have noticed when coming back to my site that it has been revamped slightly :) While i was hard at it reviewing the tactics for tonight's encouters my lovely fiancée has been hard at it also, giving my Blog a complete new look. I had a few people come to me when i first launched my blog saying that it was extreamly hard to read the white text on the black background and that it would hurt their eye's, so we finally did something about it.

So what do you guys think of the new look? Personally i am totally in love with the Scottish flag on the header, the way she used photoshop to change its look was just killer! So i'm really pleased with how it all came out and it's of course in the Scottish colors of blue & white! Which makes it look even ten times better than it originally did, So a massive thank you to my hunny for sorting out for me!.

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Now lastly i need a little help from all the people that come and view my page, even if your only stopping by and you know yourself you probably won't come back, if you would be so kind to click the "Join This Site" button under "Followers" at the top hand right off my page i would be eternally grateful to you.
What this will do will make my site become easier to find on Google, so the more followers i have the more chance that Google will link to my site if someone searches for something that i have done on my site.

But i think that will be me for the now i guess, will soon be having dinner and i would like a little relax time before tonight's raid, so until later i bid you all farewell.


Anonymous said...

Just joined Ben. Nice that you have a blog. Keep it up and Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

From Donald.