Sunday, 17 July 2011


(Sleepy Areky Is Sleepy)

Well it's sunday again, i honestly can't believe how fast the days just go by. I mean one day its monday and the next time you look the whole week has passed before your eyes and it's sunday again.

So far i've pretty much done nothing except get up, i don't know what it is i just can't seem to get moving today no matter how much tea i drink i just feel like going back to bed and sleeping some more. I got up at like 08:00 this morning dealt with my Cafe in Cafe World (a online game on Facebook) and then headed into WoW to get my dailys done, i honestly wish Blizzard would come up with a better solution to these daily quests because they are literally soul destroying to say the least.

The rest of my morning consisted of grinding ore in WoW so that i had the materials together for a pair of new tanking boots that a guildie of mines can make for me :) but thats all done now so pretty much my day is done until 18:00 tonight so im not to sure what im going to get up to.

Well i honestly can't think of anything else to say at the moment because my brain just doesn't want to wake up from it's sleepy state. So i shall post a bit more later i think!
Take it easy everyone and hope your Sunday morning is a bit more better than mine currently is!

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