Thursday, 21 July 2011

Day 7: Five Things You Couldn't Possibly Live Without

So the challenge today is 5 things that i couldn't live without? well thats a very easy one to answer

  1. My Laptop
  2. My Laptop
  3. My Laptop
  4. My Laptop
  5. My Laptop
See totally easy, i could never live without my laptop lol!!

Alright fine i'll do it properly, geez you guys are no fun!

So the real 5 things i couldn't live without would probably be:

  1. My family (Normally they're a complete pain in the ass but life would never be the same without them)
  2. Cigarettes (Alright here we go with the lectures on smoking, it kills yada fricken yada, but in all honesty if i didn't have my cigs i would go absolutly insane!)
  3. Tea (Tea is probably my absolutly lifeline, i would die without a cup of tea!)
  4. My Laptop (This time i'm serious! everyone who ever reads my blog better pray to the heavens that my laptop never breaks down cause then you will not hear the end of it!)
  5. World Of Warcraft (Ok, so why the hell would i say this? well in all honesty most of my friends play this game and are online most of the time, so without WoW? well i would have no friends.. Being lonely is not fun lol!)

So i think that about covers it really, most of them people would say are lame, but they are what make me who i am, im a total nerd - FACT! and i am proud off it!


Laken said...

You know the funny thing about your number 4 thing you can't live without i.e your laptop and we won't hear the end of it....well we don't hear the end of it when something happens or goes wrong lol + then it gets fixed.

Ben said...

shhh you! not all my readers know that now you spoiled the suprise /slap! Oh btw im only kidding incase you didnt get it :P