Sunday, 10 July 2011

Time For Dinner Soon.

Well i pretty much did everything i said i was going to do today and a little more i got my PC hoovered out and managed to get it to drop 3oC which doesnt seem like a lot but if your GPU is running at 90oC then its the difference between burning out and staying alive :)
I also managed to spend a couple of hours outside in the sun reading my book but after a chapter i came to the distinct conclusion that it was to damn bloody hot so the decision was pretty self explanatory and i jumped in the pool that we have out the back, but of cource the minute i did that guess what happened? yep you guessed it the retarded sun decided nope screw you Mr Scottish Man and went behind the clouds so yea that was the end of that.

Also managed to read up on the tactics for Occu'thar the new boss i was going on about earlier, turns out he's a even bigger joke than the first boss they released inside Baradin Hold or at least the tactic gives that impression but we shall see tonight i guess.

But for now i think its time to start up the old Xbox360 link it to my PC and watch some Burn Notice with my dinner (Kabab Meat & Chips with Bearnaise Sauce) might sound a little minging but it absolutly rocks!

So yea cya all later, i'll be sure to try and update my blog after tonight's raid which im hoping will go well but when you have to lead 9 children through a raid instance it can be tiring lol nah im only kidding they aren't that bad :)

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dawn moffat said...

Benji I have just had another chuckle to myself reading what you have written again lol one thing I would like to say to you is how does the Sun know that you are a Scottish person living in Sweden :)