Tuesday, 26 July 2011

No Blog Tomorrow.

Well tomorrow is going to be an exciting day for the family as we head off to an amusement park here in Sweden for the day.
So unfortunatly tomorrow there will be pretty much no blogging what so ever, i have prepared a couple of blogs to post before i head off to keep all my happy readers amused while im away but other than these two posts there will be nothing.

Click the image to goto Sommarlands Website.

So yea, hopefully tomorrow will be alot of fun for all the family, they have apparently built some new attractions including a new Flume Ride which is a little bit smaller than the one they have at Liseberg in Gothenburg so hopefully i can get the twins to go on it with us, although they are not that fond of water so it might be difficult but we shall see.

But for now i think i'll head off to bed and get some rest because tomorrow is going to be a very very very long day for me :)

Good night folks.

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