Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Heart Attack.

(Alex Cycling on Friday - Click To View The Image)

Well myself & Marie finally finished doing everything we needed to do, so we decided that it was time to take the kids out to bicycle a little this time on the pavement (Keep in mind i only taught them to ride them on Friday without stabilizers and that was on the grass in our backgarden).
So yea out we went we thought we could do it on the path outside the front of our house but that didn't actually go so well, Marie let Alex go first and off he went like a shot so i had to chase him all the way to the bottom and grab him before he ran into a car parked in the car park there lol but on the way back with him it seemed that Marie had decided to let Max head down too thinking there was enough room ... well .... there wasn't, i had to run up and basically close line Alex off his bike to get him not to go head first crashing into Max lmfao!!!!! I of course went into a complete rage which in heinsight probably wasn't the best or right thing to do but they don't call me a Angry Scot for nothing right? :P

Oh well seeing as that didn't go so well we took them across into the car park situated directly across from our house, it's pretty huge and seeing as only residents are allowed to park there, there ain't all that much traffic well that is where the fun began and me and Marie's heart attack also.

Alex seems to have absolutly no fear in the world at all, you start him off and he's away like a shot no fear off am i going to fast, will i turn and crash into this lamp post or car? No he just goes hell for leather with no turning back. I swear im pretty sure he was close to smacking the lamp post about 300 times but somehow he managed to quickly turn and get away from it before he did (lucky boy i think lol)
Max on the other hand seemed alot more reserved to the fact of cycling  on the path, hunched shoulders and grabbing onto the handlebars for dear life the poor wee soul, he also seems to think that when Alex turns he must aswell coming close to ramming into his brother on more than one occastion, he also had quite a few near misses with the not so friendly lamp post but again manage to divert his path quick enough to avoid it.

Ahh well not to worry the kids had a blast, and me and Marie? well i think we need to call the local hospital and ask for a new heart and perhaps ask them to put a few on hold, because if we are to continue taking these little devil children out on their bikes then i think we are going to need them!

I'll post some more later on but for now i'm going to jump off and watch some TV before dinner.. Seems to be Sausage Pasta for dinner so nom nom nom :D

(Max Cycling On Friday - Click To View The Image)

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dawn moffat said...

bloody hell I can't believe how muc Alex's and Max have changed since us being over last summer lol