Sunday, 24 July 2011

My Top 10 TV Shows.

As many of my friends and family know i'm a massive fan of TV Shows, i download loads of them and watch them like everyday.
I even have a spreadsheet made up with all the TV shows i watch and what season im on, what episode i've watched up to, if it's on break and when it will be returning. I'm just so hooked on all types of shows so i decided that it would be pretty cool if i made my top 10 favorite TV shows that i love to watch / watched, maybe doing this will let you guys see some shows that you would never have seen before.

So here goes:

  1. Sons Of Anarchy (This show is by far my most favorite show ever!)
  2. A Game Of Thrones (Another amazing TV Show that was made from books, i would highly recommend getting the books aswell!)
  3. True Blood (If you love Vampires, then you will love this show!)
  4. House M.D. (Totally awsome show about a crazy ass doctor.)
  5. Castle (Recently found this and definetly in my top 5 shows.)
  6. Shameless (A TV show from the UK, about a crazy family, if you love UK humour then this is a show you will love.)
  7. Hells Kitchen (Absolutly love Chef Ramsey, he's just an amazing chef and i love his whole persona, would highly recommend this show.)
  8. The Big Bang Theory (Only recently started watchign it, but currently watched all the season's out and i'm waiting for the new season to start, absolutly hilarious show.)
  9. The Shield  (My dad actually put me onto this show, there was only 7 seasons of the show, but after watching it, it definetly makes the top 10 list.)
  10. LOST (Currently finished and will not be returning, but if your looking for a awsome show then i woudl highly recommend getting your hands on all seasons of this!)
So there is my top 10 favorite TV shows of all time, i would highly recommend any of them if your bored and looking for something to watch.

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