Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I'm A Sad Panda

So it's Wednesday, and well i hate them... There is two days a week i really just wanna sleep late Monday's cause well EVERYONE in the world should hate Monday's and Wednesday's why do you hate Wednesday i hear you ask? well its quite simple Blizzard normally take all the realms down for their weekly maintenance which means, no WoW until normally around 10am / 11am my time (Swedish time for anyone who doesn't have half a brain to look at my "About Me" page :P)

So every Wednesday i'm hit with this screen more often than not. Ok, i hear alot of people saying so what?, it's a stupid game, get a life! Well that is what im trying to do.. You see when the realms are up i'm able to get up do stuff on my Facebook page and then jump quickly into WoW and get all my stuff done nice and early giving me the full day to just relax with the family and be happy, but no not on a Wednesday i have to wait until half the morning is gone and then do everything i need, so you can see i have logic in my madness!

But anyways enough of my crying about the realms being down and why Blizzard just hates me and wants to destroy my day every wednesday and onto something more fun :)

So what's on the cards for today, well once the realms come up ill be jumping into WoW and getting everything i need done ingame done,  unfortunatly that also entails heroics, yes the realm's get reset and everything begins all over again so 7 heroics on my Warrior and 7 heroics on my Hunter.. this task normally takes all day but obviously with it being summer and all i really don't fancy being ingame all day playing away so i shall do a few runs today i think after my dailys and then logout and spend the rest of the day with the family.

I also have set up a Skype Call with my parents later today for about 5pm my time i believe, normally we like to get together on skype every few months just to check in and say hello since we don't get to see each other all that often with me living a few billion miles away, so i have to admit looking quite forward to it :)

So yea pretty much a day of WoW > Life > Skype on the cards today.

So have fun with your own day and i shall try and update my blog today when i can :) Enjoy! <3

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