Thursday, 28 July 2011


As most of the people that read my blog will know, yesterday myself and the family took a day trip out to the Skara Sommarland Amusement Park here in Sweden.

So at around 09:20 we set off from home and took the train into our local town of Lidköping, we had decided not to let the boys know where we were going until we were on the train, but Marie decided while waiting on the train here in Järpås that she would see if they could guess.

"So where do you think we are going then boys?" Asked marie, to which max replied "Are we going to Nan & Grandad's??????" All excited at the prospect of seeing them, unfortunatly we had to brake his poor little heart and tell him no, especially considering all we had with us was one backpack lol, and one backpack for a trip to Scotland just doesn't quite do it lol.

But alex managed to guess right and that was them off with their "YAY YAY YAY SOMMARLAND YAY".

Let's just say from there it was downhill, every five minutes the same question over and over again "are we nearly there yet?". 
Unfortunatly myself & Marie don't have a drivers licence so we are forced to take public transport which normally leaves us waiting around random towns for 20+ minutes at a time which is never fun, and this time was no different, we arrived in a town called Skara and had to sit there and wait for 30 minutes until the bus to Sommarland actually arrived. Lets just say with two very excited children and blistering heat it is not fun, but we got through it :)

Kids Waiting Patiently In Skara.
Well eventually after about 3 hours of traveling we finally arrived, all ready to rock and roll.

Kids Entering Sommarland.
So we had finally arrived and the adventure began, we kicked off by letting the twins go on this kind of aeroplane ride thing that spun around and they could move the plains up and down.

Once they had finished with their aeroplanes and had a little buzz around on some electric cars stuck to a track the twins decided they wanted to go on the swings, i personally HATE these things after a bad experience on them as a kid, but the twins absolutly have no fear in the world and love it. After they had finished with them, their sister decided that she would take them on a ride called "The Lighthouse" it's a small mini version of those rides that go up high and then freefall, It seemed the twins enjoyed it more than their sister did lol.

I'm not to sure if Mikaela wanted to actually laugh or cry while on that ride, but myself and Marie found it hysterical to watch.
I then decided since Marie wasn't feeling up to any rides that i would take the boys on the Tea Cups, yea i know cool of me right? well i hate amusement parks with a vengence so your lucky to get me on one ride :P

Poor Max (Right Picture) about went flying onto the floor when it started, so i think the look on his face right now is like "PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE" but he eventually loved it after about 2 minutes spinning around thanks to his sister lol.

After we had finished with the tea cups and getting something to eat which believe it or not took nearly 2 hours just to stand in the queue to be served we decided that it was time to go and view the Sky Pirate (I will make a new blog about these guys tomorrow i think.)

But it was an amazing day out, the boys had a absolute blast and me and Marie? well lets just say i have never felt so knackered in all my life, i was ready to die come 7pm, but at the end of the day the kids loved it so that is all that counts. And to end their trip they managed to win a couple of stuffed teddybears so that finished off their day at Sommarland just perfectly.

The Kids Leaving Sommarland With Their Teddybears.

Please note that if you click the images, you can see them full sized.


Anonymous said...

So who is that older chick? xD

- Saevitia

dawn said...

Really looks like they had a brilliant time :)

Saru Singhal said...

Seems like you had loads of fun. Just wanna say boys are looking so adorable in the last picture...

The Angry Scot said...

Hahaha Jaap, the older chick is my daughter so keep your google eyes away or ill hunt ya down! :P
@Mum: yea we had a awsome day although im still trying to recover.
@Saru: yea they really do if only you knew them in real life, theyre little monsters. :)

Anonymous said...

haha Ben!

You are a crappy huntard so im not worried! If against all odds you will hunt me down... bring her with you when you! ;)

- Saevitia