Friday, 15 July 2011

One Of Those Days.

So it seems it's turning into one of those days where you wish you just hadn't bothered getting out of bed, and in all honesty if it wasn't for the fact of having kids i probably wouldn't have. It's been completely dull and boring all day with literally nothing to do, i contemplated picking up my book and having a read but i just can't seem to find the energy for that either so thats out the window. I would normally log into WoW at times like this aswell and just mess around ingame for a while but i can't even be arsed to do that so what the hell is a man to do in times like these?
I pretty much spent the morning entertaining myself, going around the web reading other people blogs but even that can only amuse you to a certian point, although i did find some very amusing blogs that cracked me up!
Other than that i've pretty much spent the rest of my day doing nothing, i decided about a hour ago to jump in the bath hoping that would pass a hour or so, since normally i end up falling asleep but after dozing off for a bit and then being woken up by the kids playing away upstairs i decided that i couldn't be arsed doing that anymore. I bloody hate days like these, all the family is on holiday at the moment and there just seems to be nothing to do right now, granted it's because of the weather but still... BORING!

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