Wednesday, 13 July 2011

All Done For Today.

Well blizzard was nice enough to bring the servers up 1 hour 10mins before they were scheduled to do so, so i managed to get alot more done today than i originally expected. But i think that will be enough WoW for today, i managed to fire through 4 heroics on my Warrior and even got some happy puggers a Amani Battle Bear so i think they will be happy..
Also managed to get 2 heroics done on my Hunter thanks to a guidie of mines :) which meant i had enough VP on him to purchase my Bracers Of Regal Force for my Warrior so now i just need to get enough VP on my hunters to buy my DPS Bracers for my Warrior and i'll be all done with my Hunter for the time being :)

So i think on the books 2morrow will be finishing up my Warrior & Hunter runs and that will be me done for the week :)

But for now i think it's time to go out and let the kids play on their bikes for a wee while before having dinner.. Gotta have dinner a little bit earlier due to my Skype call with my folks later on so nom nom, will update more laters :)

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