Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Damn Those Church Bells.

What's the worst way to be woken up in the morning? Well i can tell you for me this morning it was the sound of my son running across the top landing so he can look out the window, and on top of that the Church just up from where we live decided that at 7am was a superb time to start chiming it's stupid bells.. I mean its TUESDAY PEOPLE!!!! why on gods earth would you want to start chiming fricken church bells at that time off the morning!

I know most people are probably at work and stuff, but have some bloody respect to the people who ain't! I can see no reason why they need to do it at all on a weekday.. Sunday's fine, thats alright i can deal with that but during the week NO!

Oh well rant over, time for some coffee and to wake up a little bit more.
Oh yea Morning by the way :)

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