Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Finally Done!

Well i'm finally finished with WoW for today!! Thank god, got VP capped on my Hunter so just have to wait until tomorrow for the weekly reset so that i can begin again! In all honestly it ain't all that bad when you only have to do it on one character but seeing as i need bracers on my Warrior and alot of other items im being forced to do them on my Hunter aswell so that i can get these items alot faster :(

But it wasn't all that bad, only had to do 3 on him today but jesus christ the second heroic i went into this morning was a absolutly nightmare, i mean the the Warlock & Warrior DPS we had with us in the group was from another country and insisted in speaking in their own language, which of course none of us English speakers could understand. I don't normally mind people speaking another language but aslong as they are speaking English aswell, I mean when will these absolutly ignorent fuckwads learn that they are playing a ENGLISH GAME and not a game in their language! TOSSERS!
Not all bad though on the third and final run i made today i managed to do a 92k crit!!!!! Couldn't bloody believe it i mean i haven't even made that high of a crit on my Warrior and he's like 10x better geared that my Hunter is lmfao!
(Click The Image To See It In Full Size

Aswell as getting that like WTF PEWPEW crit i was lucky enough to find myself winning a new Mount that drops from the 2nd boss in the instance called "Zul'Gurub" w00t new Raptor mount for my Huntard! just a shame that you are unable to send them to another character as i would much prefer to have it on my Warrior who i play all the time :( But oh well a new mount is a new mount and i really shouldn't complain :D

(Click The Image To See It In Full Size)

So yea all in all a very good day so far :) I think now im going to wait until Marie is finished with the cleaning off the house, she is probably gonna hate me for not helping out but hehehe what else is new? :P and once she is done with that i'm gonna take the kids out on their bicycle's as i did promise them we would yesterday :)

Will update more later on!!! Until then, have a nice day and keep on trucking!

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