Monday, 25 July 2011


Well it's been a pretty good day today, the kids came back from their dads house at 16:00 and enjoyed a nice Philly Cheesesteak sandwich with me and Marie which we all enjoyed alot :)
Also had another raid tonight with my guild The Frostwhisper Project which actually went alot better than i expected, we started off by one shotting Beth'tilac the little spider bitch and then moved onto Alysrazor, unfortunatly we were unable to take her down but we did get to grips with the mechanics off the encouter, so that was a bonus.
I think next time we go for her, with a little bit of extra co-ordination and some proper teamwork we will be able to down her without to much a issue, plus the few upgrades people will get from other fights will help us alot.

So yea, a pretty good day overall, but now i am completely knackered and ready for bed, im hoping tomorrow will be a really nice day so that myself and Marie can spend some time outside with the boys, maybe head to a swing park or something and let them cycle around a bit.

But for now i think it is time for me to head to my wonderful bed and get some shut eye. The downside of having kiddies is the fact we have to get up at 08:00 instead of when we want :) but hehe that's life.

Good night everyone! and for everyone in the guild that took part tonight, well done..
Would also like to put out another special thanks to Gill & Dan for sorting out RL to be able to come and raid and help us not cancel a raid, really appreciated it guys, more than you know <3

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