Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Well it seems that is the day over for me, no i ain't going to bed but i seem to have managed to get everything i needed done today done and that little bit extra.

  • Completed all WoW Chores (CHECK)
  • Annoyed my love by not helping clean the house (CHECK)
  • Cleaned out the cat litter tray >wasn't planned< (CHECK)
  • Took the kids out to cycle around the street (CHECK)
  • Had a lovely dinner cooked by my one and only (CHECK)
  • Fed our little puppy Kaiser >ain't really a puppy but oh well< (CHECK)
  • Showered so i don't smell like a russian brothel (CHECK)
Yep seems my list is all done and dusted so now i think it's time to sit down and relax and perhaps watch a few episodes of some TV shows i've downloaded, so i think thats me for today PC wise no more blog updates or anything like that, hope you all have a nice relaxing evening aswell and for those who have to go to work tomorrow well all i can say is ...... HAHAHAHAHAHA.....

Good night all <3

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dawn moffat said...

Benji I really worry about you at times why I hear you saying well I really don't think you are on the same plant as me :) but I wouldn't have you any other way haha