Monday, 11 July 2011

All Alone.

So we're back to that lovely day that nobody actually likes called Monday, i mean why do we have to have them? can't we just skip it like go Saturday, Sunday and then straight to Tuesday and maybe Monday could be a day that your body realises that's what day it is and just automatically sleeps all the way through it?
Anyways yes its Monday and i think my family has already got sick of me and they're holiday has only just begun, my 2 twin boys are currently staying with their dad for the weekend back today, my oldest Mikaela has been given permission to go away with a friend to a town called Skövde to do some shopping (Personally i think she's still a bit to young to be travelling that far but we let her go anyway) and my lovely partner has buggered off to a friends house leaving me all alone in the house with Kaiser.
So what is a man to do when left to his own devices for a couple of hours, well not very much i can tell you that, so i think i will have a little play on my Hunter and try and get some Valor Points (For anyone who doesn't know what Valor Points are they are points you obtain when you complete a dungeon that you save up and buy items that are really good).

Other than that i have another raid tonight so i think i need to go wizzing around the internet and have a look at some tactics for this Lord Rhyolith boss we have been trying to take down and see where we can improve our tactic perhaps.

I'll try and update a bit more later but for now i bid you farewell :)
"May the dark lady watch over you" - Quote "Sylvannas"


dawn moffat said...

Aw Benji You really sounded quite sad their I really thought you and Kaiser puppy enjoyed the piece and quiet I must have been so wrong :)I seem to be spending alot of time on my own to. Do you think people are trying to tell us something lol

Ben said...

Yea maybe we should move in together so were never alone lol!