Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Dad's Not Allowed To Sleep.

I decided that i would try and have a little nap for a bit, as i was pretty knackered and the kids had taken over my laptop listening to stupid songs on YouTube. Unfortunatly for me everyone else in the house had other idea's.

Apparently it's against some sort of family law to let your old man take a wee afternoon nap before dinner or something like that because my kids just refused to let me sleep.

Both Max & Alex decided that they would double team me in an attempt at ruining my lovely nap.. Evil Kids!

When simple poking and grabbing my arm was not enough to actually make me open my eyes and get up from the couch, Max decided to take it upon himself to jump on top of me, trust me having a 22kg (3.4 Stone) child jumping on you is not FUN!, seriously anyone who thinks it is has a screw missing upstairs.
However i continued to at least lie there with my eyes closed, hoping to the gods above that they would leave me be to at least just relax my eyes.

Errr no... 

My little boys decided that since all else was failing, they would call upon reinforcements and bring the my Sibe into the picture, let's just say i can take on two little boys without much hasstle, but when the dog jumps in on top of that it becomes a complete new battle.

So safe to say i'm back up and awake again and my little nap lasted a whole 5 minutes if im lucky.

I think it is time that all dads across the world come together and come up with some law that allows us to take naps when we need them!


dawn said...

Well I don't agree one little bit that their should be a law for Dads to take A Nap when they feel like may I add need one :P what about Mums they also get knackered too but are they allowed to take a Nap the answer to that is NO why because guy's think its only there rights to be allowed to nap and no one else haha so glad the kiddies wouldn't let you sleep give them a big hug from nannie and tell them she very proud they wouldn't let you sleep haha :P

Ben said...

Grrrrrrrrr i need Dad here!

Laken said...

WHY? I'm confused. What is dad going to do? because if I remember correctly when even dad was there neither one of yous actually won that argument either lol

Anonymous said...

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