Monday, 18 July 2011

It's Raining.... Again

Well it's Monday (one of the worst days in the week) and i wake up at 08:00 to hear the sound of rain outside, not the best way to wake up on a Monday morning that is for sure. Marie had said to me a few days ago that all the rain from the UK (where my parents live) would be heading over our way and that we would have rain for the next 10 days, to which of course i replied "Yea i've heard that before".
It's a golden rule of mines never to believe a single word a weather report says.
But unfortunatly it seems that this time the weather reports are correct since both yesterday and today has been rain :(

But what amazes me is that although its clearly raining outside, we have had weather reports that it will be raining i still manage to look out the back door this morning and see a elderly man walking down the road in just shorts and a t-shirt i mean is he completly insane????
I normally see joggers etc running in the rain where i live with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt but theyre jogging and still obviously sweating like mad men, but a old man just casually walking down the road wearing the same thing, i just don't understand it at all.
Perhaps the Swedish people really are still Vikings? who knows, i just know that some Swedish people are absolutly crazy lol.

Oh well it's time for me to go and try and wake up a bit more, got a few things to get done today. But i'll try and update the blog when and where i can :)

Have a nice Monday, and hopefully it isn't raining where you are!


dawn moffat said...

just like to say the rain is nothing to do with your parents in the uk and if it makes you feel any better guess what its still bloody rain here I thought I'd share that with you guy's lol

The Angry Scot said...

Haha thanks mum! glad to know someone else is as miserable as i am about the rain!

dawn moffat said...

that should have been bloody raining I missed the (ing) at the end haha

dawn moffat said...

yep getting really fed up with all the rain now lol

The Angry Scot said...

Haha i dont blame you, same here getting stuck in the house all day the only day we got nice weather was the day the kids were away to their grandparents. Just hoping it changes soon :) Btw get everyone in the house to click on the follow button on the top right hand corner of my site please :)

Vidar Sæle Opedal said...

you REALY hate rain don't you ^^