Sunday, 31 July 2011

Day 17: An Art Piece

To be honest i'm not a art person, not saying that i cannot look at something someone has painted or drew and not appreciate what they have done, but i don't understand the fun in actually looking at art, so you will never see me in any sort of art studio or museum.

However i am absolutly fascinated with gaming art, you know the stuff people paint and draw from games? Well that is the type of art i can actually spend all day just looking at.

Mainly because it fascinates me how talented the average person is, not just famous artist but just some random kid sitting in his bedroom drawing.

So if i had to choose a peice of art that i liked then i guess it would be this piece:

Click The Image To View It Full Sized.

I'm not to sure who actually done the piece but i just find it absolutly amazing, i would really love to get it as a tattoo if i'm totally honest. I mean the way she looks is just sick and not to mention the detail off her clothing and weapon etc.

So there you have it, but what would your favorite piece be?

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Saru Singhal said...

No doubt people who come up with these ideas have very strong imagination and talent to execute it.
I don't have any favorites from these work. :)