Saturday, 30 July 2011

Day 16: A Song That Makes You Cry

Well we have finally came to a challenge i cannot do at all.

There is seriously not one song in the whole entire world that brings a tear to my eyes at all. So what shall i do in this situation, well i'll give you a song but it doesn't make me cry or anything just makes me happy to listen to.

Sorry for not being able to complete this challenge but it was a bit of a silly one in all honesty.

Once again sorry i cannot complete the challenge but i cannot think of a single song that even comes close to bringing a tear to my eye.

But is there is a song that makes you cry?


scary said...

....hoi.....this USED to make u cry lol.......then again u were about 5 !!! :-) D&M.

Ben said...

OMG I forgot all about this, and it wasnt the song that made me cry it was the damn video it still makes me cringe.

Me said...

OK, we'll give you that one was the video !! there isn't a song that give you a wee tear after all :-(