Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My Eyes Are Still Burning!

Whenever we go into town with the full family it always turns into some sort of adventure, and today was no exception.

Perhaps it's just my twin boys but has anyone ever noticed that when you go into town or anywhere for that matter that isn't home your children become automatically deaf? and have to shout at each other what they want to say even while standing right next to each other? Well as i said perhaps it's just our boys but it happens everytime. No matter how many times you tell them to talk normally as their brother is standing right next to them, they still insist in roaring at the top of there voices.

And then you have our teenage daughter, who just basically thinks it's embaressing to basically leave the house with us, to be honest myself and Marie are still quite young parents and believe that we are still quiet hip when it comes to fashion, music and all other sorts. But apparently we ain't.

So the day started in town with my haircut, if im totally honest i hate getting my hair cut in Sweden. Not because they can't do it the way i want, because normally i just walk in and say "hey, do what you want. I don't care" but it's the bloody price they charge for it. I mean in the UK i can go get my hair cut for about £6/7 but in Sweden i have to pay £40!!!!! i mean 40 pounds for a blinking hair cut, it's extortionate.

But oh well i got it done, the funny thing i find here is that when im back in Scotland i can go to my normal hair dresser that i had been going to for years and even though i haven't been there in say a year, they still know exactly who i am what i was talking about last time and you get a real sense of home when you go. But in Sweden? holy shit my hairdresser never ever listens.. We went into today and the hairdresser was asking us, "you on vacation then?" to which Marie replied "yea only got 1 week left." and without a word of a lie 15 minutes later she asks once more after the conversation continued "Oh! your on vacation, oh thats great". And here i was thinking it was my kids that were deaf, but apparently it had spread over to my hairdresser.

So after i got my hair done, and the twin boys had their hair done we decided we would take them to the toy shop here and let them pick a toy, boy was that a mistake. You ever noticed that you say ok you have X amount of money to spend go pick a toy, and it turns into them wanting to buy the whole damn toy store? lol 
But eventually they settled upon some stupid little dog type thing that blows bubbles out of its mouth, i have no idea why, but it made them happy so i guess thats what counts.

So we finished up down the town and began to walk up towards our big supermarket here, and then my day became distrubing. 
For people who don't know the Swedish people, i would describe them as reserved plain and simple but for being reservered they sure know how to embarass others.

I had decided when i reached the supermarket that i needed to nip to the toilet, so i asked my daughter to go ask one of the checkout ladies to buzz the door open. So i went through the main door and you are faced with 2 doors both with toilets behind them.
As i opened the door, what did i see sitting there in the pitch black?
YEP!!! you guessed it a fricken Swede, sitting there on the toilet.. No light on (Thank God) and with the door unlocked, i mean seriously!!!!! its a fricken PUBLIC TOILET! please please learn to lock the fucking door! this has happened to my family on more than one occasion so im assuming its a nation wide epidemic, either that or the parents of Sweden just neglect to tell there children as they're growing up to lock doors behind them if they plan on using the toilet..

I mean talk about embaressing.

But we're done and back home so it's time to order some pizza and just chill out in front of the TV i think, cause i am literally knackered

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