Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Day 6: A Moment You Wish You Could Relive

A moment i could relive? hmm thats a tough question, mainly for the fact does it mean a moment i would like to relive to perhaps change?
Or a moment i would like to relive because it was trully a awsome time in my life?

Well i think i'll have to go with the second one in all honesty, because if i was to relive a moment in my life that i would like to change, it would probably end up with half of my life in all honesty. But i think that is probably the same for everyone in the world.

So a moment i would like to relive, would probably be my 18th birthday which was only a decade ago, why would i like to relive this? Well for the simple fact that it was probably one of the greatest nights of my life.
My dad had called all my friends from school and family members and offered them out to celebrate me turning 18, for those who are not from the UK, 18 is the legal age that you are allowed to start drinking in the pubs and clubs.

Well what a night it was, we headed off from my parents house with a bunch of friends and some family members eager to get cracked into my first proper legal beer. We had decided to start at the Golden Acorn, which was a hotel/pub type venue, but after a few drinks we somehow managed to ended up in a place called "The Sizwall" i think the spelling is completely wrong but im sure someone who was there that night will be able to correct me.

Anyways that is when the fun truly began, or should i say it all went downhill? either way it was a blast. Me being 18 i was eager to show my dad that i was now truly a REAL MAN! boy did i make a mistake by doing that lol! I remember him asking me "So what do you want to drink?" to which i replied "Give me a Newcastle Brown Ale!!" i can still recall to this day the look on my dads face when those words left my mouth.

It was the look off "Your kidding me right? You ain't seriously gonna attempt to drink that are you?"

If i actually recall correctly i'm pretty sure he advised me against it, but me being me trying to be the big man like always was all "pffff give me it i can handle it im 18!!!".

Long story short, he gave me the Newcastle Brown Ale, and for people who doesn't actually know what this drink is well i would probably describe it as a heavy ale that when drinking it seems pretty thick a little like Guiness but not.

So the evening continued, i was partying hard with my friends and male family members while getting absolutly hammered out of my head, but at the same time having one of the best nights ever, when i noticed that my dad had vanished, so i decided in a drunken stupor that i would go on the hunt for him.

I eventually after about 15 minutes of looking found my dad in the next bar where the pool tables were located talking to some old friends of his, this is kind of where it all hit rock bottom, even to this day i still recall it like it was just yesterday and so wished i didn't lol.

I had gone through and my dad had said something like "HEY!!!! there's Benji (what my parents call me all the time), do you remember this guy? He's a old friend of mines" and then he continued to say something else, but before i knew it i was headfirst out the side of the building through the fire exit and shoved around the side of the building, to of course throw up"

Even to this day i still piss myself laughing everytime i think about it, i mean my dad's friend must have felt great, oh yea i haven't seen Benji since he was like 2ft nothing oh wait there he goes! bye nice to have seen you again!

But what a night, it was trully a night i will remember forever and would absolutly love to relive. Not for the fact that i had thrown up my first beer or anything like that but it was the first time i had ever been out with my dad for a real drink and it was the best ever!

Many drinking sessions with my dad has followed and i would love to share most of them, but it asked for one moment in my life and there it was!


dawn moffat said...

I will you even though I wasn't there the correct spelling is CISWO love ya mummy :)

Ben said...

haha thanks mum, i knew it was some sort of retarded spelling, i had a look online but it didnt come up when i was looking for pubs and clubs in Glenrothes for some stupid reason :)

Has dad read it yet?

dawn moffat said...

I don't think so but I'm sure he will comment when he has as he is out practising at the moment.
Great night out though for you guys and dad still talks about it all the time to people. It was a proud moment for him too as he took you for your first legal pint as father and son with more times to follow. :D

Ben said...

Hehe idd! well i really enjoyed writing this blog, so i hope he likes it to and brings back fond memories :)

Dad. said...

Ha ha, absolutely fantastic night. Can't believe it was so long ago. I can remember it so well too !!!..and u forgot the bit where you went back in before me, I lost you again then finally found you right in the middle of the dancefloor giving at your all like John feckin Travolta , dancing with all these older women who were egging you on.....not that you needed it !!!!!.....lmao...brilliant Son, cheers. D. :-)

Dad said...

Oh.... and my Pal? was John Mckechnie.....I've sent him this .....still laughing !!!

Ben said...

Hehe well im glad you enjoyed the read Dad! it was truly awsome, would love to do it all over again :) maybe this time without the throwing up!