Friday, 15 July 2011

Day 1: Your Favorite Song.

So my partner gave me a challange when i got out the bath today that she has started and thinks i should do for some fun so i guess i'll give it a shot. I honestly don't know if i'll do it for the whole 30 days but i'll certianly give it my best shot. Yea if you haven't gathered i got the attention span of a .... what was i saying?
Ok so let's give this a little go i guess.

This song i found while playing the very first Guitar Hero game i ever bought "World Tour", it was also the first song that i ever learned to play on both Hard & Expert and got me totally hooked, i think i have listened to this song a billion times if not more, it's actually a very hard to task to name your favorite song's because i have so many that i just love to death, but this is at least one of them :)

So there you go Day 1 completed of this challange, lets see how long i can keep it going.... only 29 days left and hopefully by the end of it you will know me that little bit better :)

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