Sunday, 23 December 2012

Stuff Kids Come Out With...

So I found it rather amusing the other week, we had shouted to the boys that it was time to get ready for bed and that they should go and brush their teeth.

Alexander on the bus on the way to town the other week.
So like good little boys off they went and did so, now normally the routine is go rush teeth, come say good night to me and then head off to bed. But out of the blue Alexander decides to come through to the living room where myself and Marie say and out of know here says:

"So really, when am I going to get my own computer?"

At first it took me a good few minutes to digest what was being said to me, mainly because I didn't quite understand where the hell it had come from, I mean I had sent him to brush his teeth but obviously in the process of doing so he had decided to think about when he would get his own computer.

My only reply was:

"Well not now at least, you need to grow a little bit more before ill get you your own computer"

I don't think it was quite the response he was looking for and is still trying everything in his power to obtain his own computer.

He has even gone as far as putting it on the list of things he would like to buy me and his mum for Christmas.
I think this is more an attempt of well if try but each other a computer from us then perhaps we can have their old ones.

Safe to say this is not going to happen, I mean where the hell am I going to get the money to buy Marie a computer that is awesome enough to do everything she wants it to do lol. Plus the fact we have decided to buy a new TV after Christmas instead of buying gifts for each other so yea.
It was a nice idea of his but its not going to work lol.

And then yesterday was probably the best ever!

Alexander had came down and asked Marie:

Alex: "Can you put a film on upstairs?" to which Marie's reply was:

Marie: "No, go and play like normal children, you don't need to play computer games or sit and watch movies all the time" and then he comes out with...

Alex: "Do we have to play???" He then comes into the livingroom and informs his brother that they HAD to go upstairs and play .... which was rather disappointing by the sound of his voice.

But it doesn't stop there, oh no! they go upstairs and then after a short while we hear:

"Max, if you don't stop talking in English, then i'm not playing anymore!!"

I mean although my children can understand English and when they ask me what words are in English can copy exactly what i have said, they cannot actually speak the language on their own accord, so for him to come out with this so randomly was hysterical to me.

I just found it funny that he randomly came out with it. Honestly the things kids come out with really crack me up at times, especially when it's in Swedish.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

She's Gone Christmas Mad....

Ok so finally after 6 years being together myself and Marie have found ourselves weeks before Christmas being completely finished with everything except for the Christmas food.

And for some strange reason because of this Marie has turned into some sort of Christmas crazy person, I mean seriously for like the last month I have been getting a run down to Christmas like everyday.
She's worse than the kids.

But i have to admit that it's a really great feeling that for once we don't have to do the mad rush down the shopping centre on payday to go and buy everything that we can possibly afford this year. We are able to just sit back, relax and enjoy the time off that we both have, and be able to just enjoy the kids as well without having to stress about anything. So i'm guessing this is probably the reason why she has been going Christmas Nuts as well.

I got to admit though that since i have been working and earning money that I have found myself a little bit more happy at the thought of this Christmas since for once we have been able to shop everything and get the kids exactly what we want to get them without thinking about the cost. But Marie is just totally mad about it lol.

I honestly think she's more excited about it than what the kids are, but although she's been driving me nuts with this count down of hers, it's a really nice feeling to see her so happy and excited about it.

Lets just hope that our good fortune that has been bestowed upon this year can continue into next year and who knows maybe more surprises can happen along the way, but for now I'm going to sit back and enjoy this ride of life that we are currently on and enjoy the feeling that I get every time I wake up and see her face and see how happy and excited she is about everything.

I love you, you crazy Swedish Christmassy chick :)

Sunday, 2 December 2012

I'm Back! - Well Hopefully

Well it's been a while, but as i had said in a previous post it was quite likely this was going to happen as i was finding it hard to keep up with blogging and working and then not to mention the good old family stuff.
But things are settling down and i feel i am quite possibly able to keep up with things a bit better now that i have had the chance to be away and get things sorted.

So what's been happening in the wonderful world of The Angry Scot?

Simple and most direct response would probably be LOADS!

And then possibly the next question would be where on earth do i start, well i guess the working life would be as good a place as any to begin.
Things haven't quite worked out as i was first and possibly delusionally excepting, i don't know why but i had this strange delusion that if i had managed to get myself a Praktikplats (Practice Job) that i would be able to show the company what a good and hard working employee i am and that it would then lead to then saying something along the lines of:
"Damn!, we can't be without this guy let's employ him straight away!!"

However as i said this was a delusion of grand proportions. Although however delusional this fantasy of mines was i have still been able to make a great impression on my fellow co-workers which i guess you could say is a massive PLUS! So much so that all my bosses that i have down there (In theory i really only have 2 but seeing as Börje, he's another Vaktmästare (Caretaker) who used to be in charge and although he no longer has the boss title still kind is so i include him along with my other 2 bosses Ninni and Ulla) and most of my co-workers have been fighting there asses off trying to keep me, and in some respect it has worked as i have now found myself under what is called "Time Employment" which as i have mentioned in previous posts means that if someone is sick they can contact me and i come in and work that persons job. 
Now in the start i was only Time Employed as a Caretaker basically, but now my other boss Ninni has got me coming in next week to start taking a look at cleaning work, so on Thursday & Friday this week i will be coming into the hospital to go up to where they perform operations and learning the procedures that are in place to make sure that all the surgical rooms are cleaner than clean, and i just have to say although i'm terrified about messing up i'm really looking forward to this. 
I mean seriously how many people get the chance to learn alot of different jobs with the same company and then earn money from doing these jobs, think about it! I'm NEVER going to get bored, one day i could be working as a cleaner, the next as a caretaker and then the next who knows what? 
So i'm really really excited about this new prospect, and who know's what can happen down the line?

So basically the job front is looking up and i have already received my first pay packet (real pay packet) for working Time Employed and the difference it has made to us this month is unbelievable. Seriously! We have already finished with Christmas and sent off all the gifts to my folks over in Scotland! THAT NEVER HAPPENS HERE WITH US! 
Last minute OH SHIT dash to the shops, pick up any random crap and send it is normally more our style!

As for  the family side of things, well i don't know we have seemed to move alot closer to each other over there last couple of weeks i feel and the feeling is absolutely amazing, yes we are still having our challenges and ups and downs as a family unit but that's just how family's work don't they!

Our absolutely amazing daughter is getting ready to begin the next stage of her education so last weekend we spent the whole day just myself, Marie and our daughter Mikaela over in the town of Skövde looking at the hairdressing gymnasium that they have their, which i have to say was an amazing day out even if i managed to loose £90 in the space of about 45 minutes after taking us out to lunch at a nice restaurant and then buying Mikaela a new jacket and 2 new tops at one of the clothing shops there, but it was worth it!

As for the twins? Well they are still a HUGE pain in the ass, but hell i wouldn't have them any other way! Mainly for the fact life wouldn't be as much fun as it is if they were any different. But they are also coming on leaps and bounds as i think the saying is going. 
They have finally settled into school and things are looking up for them, i'm actually really surprised how amazing they are doing at school since well we all know they can not sit still or be quite for more than 30 seconds at a time, but they have been doing fantastic learning new words and how to read, and what can i say about that Maximus has blown away all expectations i once had about him and is smashing this whole reading malarkey without even breaking a sweat.
Alexander is also doing amazing but i think his concentration is lacking at times so is not progressing at the same speed as his brother but at the end of the day Who the hell cares? i have never been one of these parents that expected both kids (seeing as they are twins) to be at the same level on anything, and i can only say that i am proud of how amazing all of my children are doing academically.
I know that all parents say that they are proud and that is just perhaps the duty of a loving parent to be proud of your kids, but i seriously am. Without the need to be or anything, everyday all 3 of them impress me in one way or another when it comes to how they are progressing not only in school but in life generally.
I honestly couldn't be any prouder of all 3 and how they are growing up and the decisions they are making.

And as for myself and Marie? Well things are looking up i had a little spell the other week where i thought everything in life was wrong and that Marie deserved alot better than me, and if i'm honest i don't think i have ever felt this way ever. I have felt low points through my life but this was different and i think it was the lowest i have ever felt. I mean i still loved my family and Marie of course but everything about life just seemed that it was pointless, that i was failing not only as a partner and parent but as a person in general. I think it was because in my delusional fantasy that the company i'm working for would straight out employ me, and this didn't happen. Not that it was anyone's fault but right now they are not allowed to employ anyone not fully employ them at least. But i don't know possibly it was to do with this, possibly it was something else, whatever it was it has some what subsided and i'm feeling alot better about how life is going, and i'm finding myself alot closer to Marie than i think i ever have. Possibly to close? if that is possible. I mean seriously right now she is on my mind 24/7 and she is all i can think about. 
I'm guessing this is probably a good thing, or at least hoping so. But i don't know why but recently i have just felt alot closer to her and i think our relationship is becoming stronger by the day.

But enough of this mushy stuff, it's not at all Angry Scot style! SO SCREW YOU ALL! HA! I'm only messing, but things are looking up in life and i'm hoping that i am able to start blogging alot more frequently that i once was, i'm not saying your going to see something new every day but i'm going to try and make a more concious effort to try and be more active in the blogging world!

But for now i'm going to go off and take it easy for the rest of my relaxing Sunday with the most precious thing in my life World Of Warcraft! HAHAHA Ok no i meant to write my amazing woman Marie, but i guess my fingers had other things on their mind!

So until next time, i hope everyone is still rocking hard and that life is going well for everyone else! I have missed all my followers alot and hoping that my small break away hasn't made you all forget me!