Wednesday, 28 August 2013


It's funny how your life can change in a instant and without you even realizing it everything you loved to do Is no longer possible.
Take blogging for example it was something I really got into and for the most part I was pretty good at it and was always getting good feedback from people (although originally it was only meant to be a way of keeping my family up to date with how life was in Sweden and what i was up to) but as you can see I have absolutely no time at all for it anymore. 

This has happened with a lot of things in my life, not just blogging i used to play loads of games all the time (for the most part it was World Of Warcraft) and had made lots of friends from all around the world and I don't even have time for that anymore, and for the most part have lost all contact with great people. 

But on the other hand although I have lost time for a lot of things that I used to enjoy, I have also gained a lot. I'm now working all the time (still not fully employed, but one step closer) and I got the money together to pass my driving test and get our family a little run about. 

So I guess there has to be a balance just now though feels like if I'm not working, I'm driving somewhere and if I'm not driving somewhere I'm working. 
Although at work I'm doing both at the moment. 
But I'm sure things need to have a balance and right now I haven't found it but perhaps it will come one day when I least expect it. 

So to all my followers for the ones I still have left I'm sorry for not being more active it was never my intention to let the blog slide the way it has, but like I said life has gotten in the way and the time that I once had for it is no longer there, so for now and until I find a balance to what is currently my hectic life you will just have to be satisfied with the small updates I do from time to time. 

So until next time! Take care everyone.