Tuesday, 27 March 2012


On Sunday i was sitting on the couch minding my own business looking at stuff on the internet when out the blue Marie who had been in the kitchen preparing breakfast (It was Waffle Sunday) came bursting through into the livingroom like a teenage girl my mobile in hand looking at me with the eyes of "HERE HERE HERE TAKE IT!!!!!!!!"
A bit curious as to why she was so exciting and running around like a teenage girl who has just been phoned to tell her that she has one some magnificent prize i took the phone to be surprised that it was a nice guy on the phone from a company that i had only the week before sent my CV into asking me if i would like to be able to come in for a interview the very next day (Yesterday).

Not a truer word spoken in my opinion!

If i'm totally honest, i HATE interview's i mean LOATHE them, even doing them in English i still found it was really hard, as i'm not that type of person that likes to sell himself, and now i was faced with doing it in a complete other language, let's just say nervousness doesn't really explain how i was feeling since the second i put the phone down on him after accepting it.

So pretty much Sunday i sat around with my stomach in my mouth and feeling more scared than i have ever in my entire life, but yesterday once i had finally got their everything disappeared. Unfortunately as the nerves left so did all the information on the company that i had been sitting reading and listening to over and over about 5 million times but i went in and i did what you can only do and tried my damn hardest.

The interview itself i cannot say how it went, i mean i'm normally pretty decent at reading people's reactions and getting a general idea about what they are thinking to my responses etc but this guy i could not read at all, but with every question he asked i was able to give a answer to, was it the answer he was looking for? i have no idea at all but i'm hoping that my Swedish was enough to convince him i'm the man for the job.

Pretty much after the interview i did what everyone does and sat there while waiting on the train home going over and over every question and every response i made, and you know that when you do that your always thinking "Shit! i shouldn't have said that, or Shit! i should have added this to my answer" but unfortunately you don't get a second chance with interview's or at least normally you don't so right now i'm just hoping that he understood what i was trying to put across and that i didn't come off as some jackass that he wouldn't hire in a million years.

I asked him at the end of the interview when we would be hearing, but his response was that he had a few other candidates to interview and then he would make his decision and get back to me as soon as he could, so now i'm sitting here in the house playing the waiting game..

Could this be the start of a new life? Could it finally mean that i am able to give my family the life they deserve? Or am i going to be going back to the drawing board and looking for other jobs to apply to?

The answer to these questions are all in the hands off a man that i sat in a room with for 1 hour and hoping that finally someone in this country say's "You know what, he perhaps messed up this and that question but i think i'm going to give him a chance and see what he can do for us!" That is currently all i can hope right now, but i got a interview and that is a huge step from 100 rejection letters so even if i don't get it which i'm hoping to the high heavens that i do, then at least i can sit back and say "You might not have got the job, but you got alot further in the process than you have done and you did all you could to try and secure the position"

But for now i think i shall bid everyone farewell and do what i've been doing since i came out of the interview, sitting by the phone praying that it rings and the man on the other end is saying "You Got The Job!!!"

So until next time, have a great day!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Time To Get In Shape!

I never ever in my whole entire life thought i would ever say this or even think it, but seriously i need to loose some weight and pretty fast too!
For the people who don't know me personally or knew me growing up i was the typical tall skinny guy who could eat what he wanted, when he wanted and how much he wanted without ever having to think about "Is this going to make me gain weight?"

I mean my diet when i lived in the UK consisted off eating fried food, chinese from the takeaway and pretty much every sort of junk food available to mankind, however when i moved to Sweden things all changed. I went from eating what people would describe as Junk Food to food that was made from scratch and what i would consider alot more healthy. Sure i still eat alot of crap, bags of crisps and chocolate and drink a bucket load of tea and fizzy juice.

But as you will see below, the switch of my diet has actually done more wrong for me than it did good! Sure i needed to gain some weight that was a given but i haven't stopped!

Living In The United Kingdom: 11 Stone (154Lbs/70kg)
6 Years After Living In Sweden: 95.7 kg (15 Stone/211Lbs)
Total Weight Gain: 25.7kg (4 Stone/57Lbs)

As you can see i have gained a massive amount of weight in only 6 years living here, and i fear that if i don't do something NOW! then i fear that i will just continue on the road i'm on gaining weight until the point where there is no turning back!

So i have decided that this is my last week of living the way i do, people might be thinking "Why not just start now?" and the reason is i want to start a fresh, so the best thing i can do is enjoy my last couple of days of eating what i like and when i like. But when Monday comes around i'm going to start getting back into shape, i have not yet decided how i'm going to get into shape but i have a couple of days to figure it out and of course with getting into shape will also mean that i will be eating correctly as well, and that is probably going to entail cutting out all the crap i eat: Crisps, Fizzy Juice etc.

But i think that is all for now! So until next time have a great day......

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Xbox Kinect!

So at the end of last week, my Xbox Kinect arrived!!! I got to say when i first seen it i thought the whole concept would have been awsome fun for all the family, but after playing it over the weekend i am now regretting it....


The actual games are really a good laugh and although only 2 people can play at one time, it's still alot of fun watching the people playing making a fool out of themselves, especially me :P Lucky for us the twins were away to their dads for the weekend so we got a chance to just chill out and play it without having to worry about the kiddies (I know that's bad to say as a parent, but i'm sure you get what i mean).

But the kids came back yesterday and we decided after dinner that we would let them have a go, well lets just say i don't think they have had so much fun in all their lives!

If you want to watch my twin boys having a blast on it you can view the video >HERE!
I was a bit of a moron and uploaded it to Facebook instead, but seeing as it's public you shouldn't have any issues watching it :) So enjoy!

But for now i think i shall head off! So until next time...

Monday, 19 March 2012

Tooth fairy

After the last 2 blog posts i decided that i would try and lighten up the mood of the blog again at the start of this week.

I was sitting on the couch the other day with the 2 boys and Marie and out of the blue Max turned around and said:
"I really want to loose some teeth so that i can get some money"

Shocked by the statement i decided to act fast on my way to the back door as i headed out for a cigarette and came back with:

"Sorry dude, but you don't get money from the tooth fairy anymore!"

I'm not quite sure he got it as he had to double confirm that i actually meant you don't actually receive a coin under your pillow now from the tooth fairy, and then proceeded to ask the normal question that comes out of every child's mouth when confronted with things they don't like.... Why????

Of course as the words left  his mouth i was faced with a dilemma, What the hell am i meant to say now?? and then it came to me!

"Well, it's because the Tooth Fairy is on holiday at the moment! WITH SANTA!"

Safe to say he didn't believe me especially as i then decided to take it one step further and said that the Easter Bunny was with them too so that there would be no Easter as well.

But for me i thought it was absolutely hilarious, i mean i'm not normally that quick of the draw but when i have my moments i think they're quite amusing!

So i hope that everyone else had a great weekend, and that you have a great week!

So until next time......

Friday, 16 March 2012

Incompetence Continued.

Yesterday as most people will have already read or seen via Facebook, Twitter etc i made a disturbing blog post in regards to what happened to my son on Tuesday in school.
If you happened to have missed it you can view the blog post titled Incompetence >HERE<

So today the local council who is in charge of all the schools got back in touch with us after a few days and some investigating and it seems that the headmistresses boss is not exactly thrilled about what happened and the way in which the situation was handled, i mean really? your not happy? well guess what neither are we!

But it seems that they are infact annoyed enough that this actually happened that they are going to do be doing the following:

There will be a full investigation done on our son's teacher to see if she is required to have another member of staff with her at all times.

They will be re-issuing First Aid training to every teacher within the Lidköping Area's to make sure that if anything like this ever happens again that it will be dealt with effectively and immediately, AKA not running out of the class room to get another member of staff, she has ensured us that this will be a MANDATORY thing that all Teachers must do.

She will be having a meeting with the Full Council Board members today to make sure that they are all aware of what happened on Tuesday and to see what further action they may take.

She will also be in contact with the Headmistress up at our school to talk to her about the way in which she handled the whole situation and the way that she basically dismissed us and gave us no comfort that she would handle this situation in a proper manner.

I guess i would still have liked to have my sons teacher removed from the school completely or at least suspended while a investigation was taking place, but at the same time these types of things i have mentioned above is not something the local council does normally, so for them to launch a full investigation into the teacher is a great step in the right direction and i guess i have to be pleased about that. Not only that i am now fully confident that at least nothing like this will hopefully happen again with all the measures that both the school & council have set in place, so i'm just hoping that if this is to ever happen again or something similar the teachers will be trained enough to be able to handle the situation in more swift action than they took with Max.

The school has also said that they are going to be doing the following:

The school will be removing "Show & Tell" from the school until further notice

All teachers will now also go through every students backpacks to make sure that they are not in possession of any items that they should not have.

They will be placing another member of staff with our son's teacher during the times in which they are not in class, for example playtime in the classroom etc. So basically unless she is actually teaching she will have another member of staff with her, however the Council is going to be looking into seeing if she requires someone with her 24/7 while she is in the school.

I have to say that the only thing i am against is the removal of "Show & Tell" i think it was Mr.DKL who said it in a comment on my previous post, but why because of the act of a incompetent teacher and one student should the whole class be punished, i am hoping that this removal is only for a short time and that the children will be allowed to start it again soon.

So just thought i would give you all a update as to what is going to happen, i think i can say that i'm thrilled that the Head of the Local Council for schools is taking such action and that hopefully due to these steps something awful like this will never happen again.

But for now i think i shall bid you all farewell and i hope that everyone has a great weekend, i am going to try and put this behind me and enjoy mines at least, although it is still very hard to think about what could have happened.

So until next time......

Thursday, 15 March 2012


I would firstly like to start this post off by saying that i apologise for any language use that may cause offence to anyone, this is not my intention but due to the nature of the post a few profanity words may infact be placed here and there.

So you may all be wondering what has got this Angry Scot so annoyed that he has decided that he would actually include profanity in a post? Well let me tell you.....

It all began on Tuesday with a phone call from my fiancée Marie asking me to go up and collect the kids, at first i was thinking that she meant later on, as in after school had finished but as the conversation went on i quickly realised she meant RIGHT NOW!
The children every Tuesday have "Show & Tell" where like you would expect they bring a item from home, a teddy bear, a favorite car etc into school to show their class mates and tell them where, how and why they got it. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what i'm talking about, especially my American readers.

However this week a child in my sons class (Obviously names will not be given) had brought with a Cable Tie into class as his item for "Show & Tell"

However after showing his item to the class and the teacher, which is obviously NOTHING a boy of either 6/7 years old should have in their possession he promptly sat down and they class continued with their "Show  & Tell".... Notice anything i missed out? Like for example:

The Teacher Neglecting To Take The Item From The Child?????

So during a break this little boy who my son is friends with decided that him and my son would play a game, the game being something along the lines of "Dog Owner & Dog" and who got to be the dog?? You guessed it my little boy of 6 years old Max, what followed next is what is the most scariest thing i have ever had to face and hear in my life as a parent.
My son and the little boy who had brought this product into school decided that it would be a great idea to place the item around my sons neck and use the cable tie as a dog collar and leash and during the process what happened??

You Guessed It!!!! The cable tie tightened and my Son was left there CHOKING to death.

Lucky for us a teacher had noticed what had happened and in a state of shock and panic decided to run off and grab another teacher who was able to remove the cable tie from around my sons neck, by that time of course my son had turned blue and was on the verges of passing out from not being able to breath!

Thankfully he is absolutely fine and no major harm was done, but still....

Please note that the date on the camera was not set correctly so you can ignore the date and time.

I of course charged up to the school on a rampage ready to take someone down for this, i wanted blood for what had happened and i managed to catch the headmistress of the school and talk to her when i arrived up there, not that i got to do much talking as she constantly cut me off and spoke to Max instead, I have to say not being absolutely 100% fluent in Swedish really made me more angry than i already was since i couldn't convey my true emotions in the way i would like.

Well apparently now they have had a meeting and wrote a report so that this doesn't happen again, we have also been given a copy of the report, which i would have loved to also post here, but nobody would understand it and i'm guessing i probably wouldn't be allowed but basically the outcome from the school is that they are sorry that this happened and are in the process of making changes so that this type of thing doesn't happen again.... LIKE I REALLY GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOUR GOING TO DO, what about the fucking teacher??? you know the one that saw the little boy standing in front of his class showing off his cool cable tie that you NEGLECTED!!!!!! to take off the child? What is going to happen to her?

It is most likely that nothing will happen to her, because like everything in Sweden the ones in the wrong are always protected in some way shape or form, i mean seriously what has to happen before we get some bloody rights??? has my son to die? i mean seriously are you fricken kidding me???? We have been in touch with the local council who is in charge of the school who is currently investigating what happened and going to be getting back to us at some point today about what we are able to do about this, but seeing as we got this report which states that the school for the time being has removed "Show & Tell" and they will be inspecting the children's bags on a daily basis, then it is most likely we will be unable to do anything.

I am so angry right now, words honestly cannot express enough. I personally don't hold the school itself accountable, the only thing that they are in the wrong for is employing a teacher who is obviously incompetent at her job and is not fit to look after children, but it just makes me so angry that she will get a little slap on the wrist and told not to do anything that stupid again and get away totally free, yea she might have said Sorry and she might have shown some remorse for what happened, but what does that really matter?? in all honesty i could have lost my son on Tuesday and then what would they have done?

I don't blame the boys parents because i don't know if they even knew there son had the cable tie, so without knowing that i cannot blame them. And i cannot blame my son or his friend either they are 6/7 years old and do not understand the severity of some of their actions especially with things like cable ties, they were playing a harmless game with something that should not have been in their possession. But i can blame their teacher, she seem the item and she neglected to take it away from him, knowing exactly what the item is designed for and how it works.

So i appeal to all my readers who have children to make sure your children do not take anything that could possibly be dangerous to either themselves or others to school, double & triple check their backpacks as i would hate for this to happen to anyone elses!

But i guess that is all i have to say on this right now, i again apologise for the few profanity words that i used in this post but i'm guessing that 99.9% of parents can understand the rage that i am currently in, i will of course be writing another post in regards to this once we have heard back from the local council but please make this post gets out there so that everyone who has children can be even more vigilant. Something that starts out as a harmless game can turn very quickly into something that could end in death.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

When You Think You Have Seen It All.....

I must start of by saying that unfortunately i was a bit of a moron when the below story happened i forgot all about having my phone in my pocket and that i was able to take a picture of it in progress something i will try and not do in the future because i think the picture would have made quite a few people giggle for a while but here is what happened:

So the other day i was doing what i always do in the morning walking the kids up to the school when out of the corner of my eye i seen a man walking his dog, now you might be thinking ok? so what?, i know quite a few people that walk there dogs early in the morning what about it?

Now it wasn't the fact he was walking his dog that made me want to burst out in a fit of uncontrollable laughter but the fact he was out in the early morning walking his dog, the dog leash in one hand and what was in the other??

A Fricken Coffee Cup!!!

Now i don't mean those ones you see normal people who take coffee to work in etc, you know the thermal cups or anything like that but a real CUP as in the the type you would serve to someone if they came around your house for a cup of coffee..

In all 28 years of my life i have NEVER EVER seen anyone walk their dog and while walking their dog take a cup of coffee with them and walk down the street, what made it even more amusing is that it didn't seem to phase him in the slightest, he the expression on his face of this is what everyone does, didn't you know that?

I just found it funny that when i think i have seen everything, there is always something else that comes up and surprises you, i guess since his dog was a pretty calm little thing that it was a really great idea, but i would love to have seen what would have happened if he had come across another dog that happened to try and get to his dog to play or whatever, i could just imagine his dog going after the dog and his coffee cup going up in the air with the contents coming down on him lol. Either way it made me giggle quite a bit and thought i would share it with you, it seems that out here in the sticks in Järpås, Sweden we have some extremely strange people lol.

But for now i shall bid you all farewell and hope you all have a great day! So until next time......

Monday, 12 March 2012

I Giggled...

I always find it funny when i wake up the next morning and i see a massive amount of snow, especially at this time of the year since it's very seldom that it actually happens, but what is even more amusing is that i am nearly 100% guaranteed to see a massive amount of my neighbours and people across the street out shovelling it away. Me Personally? Well at this time of the year i see absolutely no point in going out and spending 30/45 minutes of my day that i could be doing other things shovelling something that i know will be gone the next day and last week was no exception.

If you can recall i wrote a blog post on Thursday titled I Can't Believe It... and with it included photo's that i took on my phone as i walked the kids up to school, and of course with it came everyone and their auntie and uncle out shovelling the snow. I opted to not bother so outside the front of the house there was our home with snow outside and then all our neighbours with no snow at all.
So looking outside it did seem i was being rather lazy but again why go out and shovel snow that will be gone the next day?

So this morning although it's Monday i decided to take some more pictures, believe it or not the day after the snow had fallen aka Thursday this is how it looked the very next day, after we got a massive amount of rain during the night which then followed up by a lovely day of sun on the Friday, all i could think to myself was glad i decided to do other things, like sit on my ass in my lovely warm house and watch TV while everyone else was out in the freezing cold shovelling there path ways.

My neighbours might have looked at me and Marie as being lazy people who couldn't be bothered to go outside and shovel  their path clean of snow, but me? well i think i was being the smart one. Seriously i think people should really learn to check out the weather forecast and maybe then they wouldn't be so quick to jump outside and shovel away the elements will remove themselves the very next day lol.

So the moral to the story is basically if you get snow in March which is not very common over here do the smart thing before you put on your winter gear and take shovel in hand and check the weather for the next day, you might save yourself some time and effort.

But for now i think i shall bid you all farewell, so until next time have a great week..

Thursday, 8 March 2012

I Can't Believe It...

Waking up in the morning is probably the thing i hate most about life, i know you should think about it as the start of a brand new day but for some reason i just hate waking up because i always feel more tired than i did before i even went to bed and it lasts for ages even after 3 cups of tea.
But to wake up and then go to the back door for my morning cigarette and be faced with SNOW in March just makes the whole waking up 10x worse.....

Yes Snow In March!!!!
It was actually quite amusing since Marie had said that there would be snow on Wednesday and i had blown her off like always, i never ever believe what weather reports say mainly for the fact how on earth even with technology as it is today can people predict what is going to happen a week from now? But here we are maybe not Wednesday but the day after facing what i hate the most snow, and not just a wee shower of snow but inches upon inches of the stuff.

It didn't make it anymore better knowing that i had to get the kids up in a few hours and take them up to the school, i honestly felt like phoning them in sick just so i didn't have to go out in it but i guess that probably wouldn't be the smartest move in the the book so off we went away up to school.

Least now i'm back home though and i don't have to leave the house again until tomorrow morning where hopefully it has decided to rain like crazy and dissolve all the snow, it's highly unlikely but i can always hope.

But i think that is enough for today, i hope everyone else is having a better day than i am...

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I Didn't Get It...

The other week i was doing what i normally do, searching through the wonderful world of Arbetsförmedlingen's (Local Job Centre) website when i stumbled across the most perfect job for me that i could possibly imagine, granted the job is not something i really ever wanted to go back into but in terms of qualifications and experience well i had it by the bucket load.

So the job itself was for a transport company situated in the town of Vara which is roughly about 20-25mins bus ride away from where i live so not only was it the perfect job in terms of experience etc but it was the perfect job in terms of distance i had to travel, i mean once i have got myself a job the first thing on my list of things to do is put myself through my drivers licence finally and get it done and get a car so it would be even shorter a trip there and back so off i went and applied for it.
This application is probably the only one i have really put that extra little zing into, my personal letter in my honest opinion was absolutely amazing, i even went into great detail about what i did during my time in the transport industry in the hopes that they would read it and thing "Damn, we want this guy"

But once more i have been proven that it doesn't matter what i do it's just still not enough, so what do i do from here?

Well i could give up and just accept that life sucks hard and that i'm destined to never be able to provide for my family and never be able to buy my partner a Birthday/Christmas gift ever unless i use the money that she works for but that's not who i am, so looks like my only opinion is to continue full steam ahead and hope that one day not to long from now someone in this country will see my application, read my C.V. and give me a chance. It's all i can do really, there is no other opinion because all other opinions means admitting defeat and that's something i certainly don't want to pass on to my kids.

Yes it feels like crap now and even though i didn't think getting this rejection would bother me that much it really has since it was the first job i have the experience and everything else required for, but you win some and you loose some i guess, it's time to get back on the saddle and continue as if nothing has happened.

Sorry for the downer post but what can i say, i feel pretty crap right now about it and the whole job searching thing but things will change if i work hard enough for it, so until next time......

Monday, 5 March 2012

How Stupid Am I?

I think that on Friday it was the most stupidest i have ever felt in a very long time.

For some reason here in Sweden schools get a half day on Fridays, i have no idea why they do but it's just the way it is and because the twins dad was coming to collect them at 3pm our time i was asked to go up to the school at 14:25 and pick them up so that i had enough time to come back from the school and get all their stuff ready to go.

So off i went away up to the school, i had stood at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the school for a good 15 minutes before i decided that i had, had enough and that i would go up to collect them myself. Now as you can imagine at this point after standing out in the cold for 15 minutes i was kinda in a bad mood so off i went storming up the stairs on a rampage.... boy do i feel stupid about doing that now.

As i was just coming towards the doors of the school i came across them coming out of the janitors building all smiles and playing away with their friends, of course my first reaction was "Oi you 2 get a move on, your dad's gonna be here soon! i mean seriously boys why are you  not on your way down already?"

So i grabbed them both (obviously not physically) and took them down to the cloakroom to get their bags and other stuff, when i decided that i would phone Marie to make sure she had actually called the school and informed them to let the boys leave at 14:20 but during the call to Marie i glanced at my watch..... all i can say is i have never i my life felt more stupid... I wasn't just a wee bit early but over a hour early and i wondered why the hell the boys were looking at me like i was a idiot for telling them to get there butts in gear..

I honestly can't believe i was so stupid, i even looked at my watch before i left, during the walk up and even when i stood for 15 minutes and i decided that i would walk up to the school and still it did not click that i was a hour early. So yea now i feel like a complete idiot, although was rather amusing!

But i think that is all for today, just thought i would share it with you all so that everyone here can have a good laugh at me! Doesn't happen very often, ok that's not strictly true but anyways i hope everyone's having  a good Monday so until next time...

Friday, 2 March 2012

Let Down Again

One thing that annoys me the most during life is when people let you down, i'm sure everyone has experienced it at some point during their life and hey probably still does on occasions, but it's something that really gets to me especially when the person is helping with you with something that is as important as finding employment.

I wrote yesterday that finally after being let down by my Job Coach on about 4 different occasions that i was going into town to meet her, so i got up yesterday and got the kids away to school and came back to sit and relax for a hour before jumping in the shower and making myself look at least half presentable. I'm currently looking a bit scruffy since i haven't been into town for a haircut and on top of that my fiancée refuses to let me shave, she let me grow it out a few months ago and now when i shave it she complains i look young. Can't quite understand why she complains that i look young, i mean i am only 28 years old (29 this year) so yea i am still young!

But just as i was getting out of the shower and drying myself off what happens, i hear the text message tone coming from my mobile, i originally thought when it went off that it would be Marie seeing as we had not long came off the phone and she had said she would text me with a list of what she wanted me to go and get from the store but of course when i unlocked the screen what is sitting there... Yes you guessed it, a text message from my Job Coach.

Translation: "Ben, Emergency I Can't Make It Today, Sorry!"
Now normally i wouldn't be that annoyed, however this is the 4th time since February that she is texted me after arranging a meeting to cancel on me. It turns out that she is pregnant and has been having complications so i can totally understand that sometimes she needs to cancel and especially if it concerns herself and needing to go to a doctor or whatever, even just laying in bed for the day. But when i got the text message i instantly texted her back saying that i hope everything was ok and that i hoped it was nothing to serious as she wrote "Emergency".

Turns out the emergency was something to do with a damn animal and nothing to do with her, now of course i don't want anything bad to her animal but surly her husband or something could have taken care of it instead of her having to cancel on me for the 4th time this year. As i said normally things like this wouldn't bother me especially with her telling me that she was pregnant but at the same time this is my life we're talking about and she is meant to be helping me so i think i have every right to be a bit annoyed.

I have now considered contacting her via e-mail and seeing if we can do these meetings via e-mail instead of her having to arrange to come out to Lidköping and meet me since nothing we do really requires us to meet face to face and see if it's possible, hopefully that will take some pressure of her and at the same time make it so that i ain't let down every other week with text messages saying she is unable to make it.

But i think that's my rant over the day, i hope everyone has a great weekend! The twins are away to their dads this weekend so i think some nice rest and relaxation is on the cards, we're having pretty good weather at the moment so maybe even spend some time outside with the dog and Marie walking or something.

So until next time, have a good one!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

I'm Back!

It's been quite a while since my last blog post and for that i would like to apologise, it's not because i haven't wanted to blog about anything or anything like that but i just feel like nothing that happened during the course of February was actually interesting or even worth blogging about since nothing major happened apart from the normal day to day stuff like taking the kids to school and searching for work. 
But i am hoping that this month things will pick up a bit.

So what's actually been happening with The Angry Scot over the course of February?

Well as i said nothing much, i started off really great on the whole Swedish thing and during February i was getting pretty damn awsome at speaking the language, so much so that people on my Facebook that are Swedish were complimenting me on how great it was coming along and how impressed they were at how much i was talking and writing it. On top of that i even had a person at Marie's work tell Marie how impressed she was since normally when i phone and Marie doesn't answer it's the normal "She's not here right now, hold on a second and i'll get her" without even asking who it is or anything but recently the woman was having to ask "Who's calling?" to hear this from a Swedish person i don't even know is absolutely fantastic in my book, it shows me that whatever i am doing is certainly in the right direction. 

However things started to go a bit downhill over the last few weeks, it wasn't anyone's fault but Marie ended up with severe toothache which ended up in her having 2 teeth removed including her wisdom tooth and during this 2 week period i felt when speaking to her she wasn't really listening to what i was saying, not that i can blame her. But without her actually listening and then correcting me i kept feeling like i was making a tonne of mistakes that was going un-noticed instead of how it was before her tooth flared up where she would pick up on every single thing correct me and then try and explain why.

So i kind of gave up again there for a bit, and due to that i have kind of fallen back to my old ways of it's easier with English, it's not like i have completely stopped with Swedish i'm still sending text messages to Marie in Swedish, my whole Facebook page has turned completely Swedish (Thanks Bling for allowing all my non Swedish friends to hit a translate button ;) ) but i have really let me speaking fall to the waist side as the saying goes. So it's time to change that again and go back to full Swedish as i was really enjoying it and i felt i was making amazing progress.

But other than the whole Swedish thing not alot has happened, i have been going crazy on the job front and been sending out a tonne of applications, in which most have come back with the patronizing crap that they like to send out "Thanks, but no thanks and good luck in the future" but i found a great job working for a transport company in a town about 30mins from here called Vara which would be absolutely awsome if i got since i have done everything they want for about 7 years when i was back in the UK so fingers crossed for that one. It's not very often you find a job that ticks all the boxes so i think i will be rather disappointed if i don't at least get a interview for this one.

I think that is all though, i have a meeting with my Job Coach today finally! apparently she is now pregnant and been having some issues with it so her doctor has put her on Part Time work and she was finding it hard arranging meetings with people she was coaching but we have a meeting today so fingers crossed she has some news on a Practice Place as they like to call them here for me or something.

But until next time i shall bid you all farewell, hope everyone is having a great day!