Friday, 16 March 2012

Incompetence Continued.

Yesterday as most people will have already read or seen via Facebook, Twitter etc i made a disturbing blog post in regards to what happened to my son on Tuesday in school.
If you happened to have missed it you can view the blog post titled Incompetence >HERE<

So today the local council who is in charge of all the schools got back in touch with us after a few days and some investigating and it seems that the headmistresses boss is not exactly thrilled about what happened and the way in which the situation was handled, i mean really? your not happy? well guess what neither are we!

But it seems that they are infact annoyed enough that this actually happened that they are going to do be doing the following:

There will be a full investigation done on our son's teacher to see if she is required to have another member of staff with her at all times.

They will be re-issuing First Aid training to every teacher within the Lidk√∂ping Area's to make sure that if anything like this ever happens again that it will be dealt with effectively and immediately, AKA not running out of the class room to get another member of staff, she has ensured us that this will be a MANDATORY thing that all Teachers must do.

She will be having a meeting with the Full Council Board members today to make sure that they are all aware of what happened on Tuesday and to see what further action they may take.

She will also be in contact with the Headmistress up at our school to talk to her about the way in which she handled the whole situation and the way that she basically dismissed us and gave us no comfort that she would handle this situation in a proper manner.

I guess i would still have liked to have my sons teacher removed from the school completely or at least suspended while a investigation was taking place, but at the same time these types of things i have mentioned above is not something the local council does normally, so for them to launch a full investigation into the teacher is a great step in the right direction and i guess i have to be pleased about that. Not only that i am now fully confident that at least nothing like this will hopefully happen again with all the measures that both the school & council have set in place, so i'm just hoping that if this is to ever happen again or something similar the teachers will be trained enough to be able to handle the situation in more swift action than they took with Max.

The school has also said that they are going to be doing the following:

The school will be removing "Show & Tell" from the school until further notice

All teachers will now also go through every students backpacks to make sure that they are not in possession of any items that they should not have.

They will be placing another member of staff with our son's teacher during the times in which they are not in class, for example playtime in the classroom etc. So basically unless she is actually teaching she will have another member of staff with her, however the Council is going to be looking into seeing if she requires someone with her 24/7 while she is in the school.

I have to say that the only thing i am against is the removal of "Show & Tell" i think it was Mr.DKL who said it in a comment on my previous post, but why because of the act of a incompetent teacher and one student should the whole class be punished, i am hoping that this removal is only for a short time and that the children will be allowed to start it again soon.

So just thought i would give you all a update as to what is going to happen, i think i can say that i'm thrilled that the Head of the Local Council for schools is taking such action and that hopefully due to these steps something awful like this will never happen again.

But for now i think i shall bid you all farewell and i hope that everyone has a great weekend, i am going to try and put this behind me and enjoy mines at least, although it is still very hard to think about what could have happened.

So until next time......


Daddy Knows Less said...

Again, typical misreaction and overreaction. Searching everyone's backpacks? And where are the parents? And the repercussions for the teacher who didn't do her job! Amazing.

Christine G said...

Yeah, she was an idiot for running out of the room! I'm glad they are having everyone do safety training-that seems like a good idea for all schools. (I'm hoping my comments show up on more than just the mobile version! Trying to show some support here.)