Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I Didn't Get It...

The other week i was doing what i normally do, searching through the wonderful world of Arbetsförmedlingen's (Local Job Centre) website when i stumbled across the most perfect job for me that i could possibly imagine, granted the job is not something i really ever wanted to go back into but in terms of qualifications and experience well i had it by the bucket load.

So the job itself was for a transport company situated in the town of Vara which is roughly about 20-25mins bus ride away from where i live so not only was it the perfect job in terms of experience etc but it was the perfect job in terms of distance i had to travel, i mean once i have got myself a job the first thing on my list of things to do is put myself through my drivers licence finally and get it done and get a car so it would be even shorter a trip there and back so off i went and applied for it.
This application is probably the only one i have really put that extra little zing into, my personal letter in my honest opinion was absolutely amazing, i even went into great detail about what i did during my time in the transport industry in the hopes that they would read it and thing "Damn, we want this guy"

But once more i have been proven that it doesn't matter what i do it's just still not enough, so what do i do from here?

Well i could give up and just accept that life sucks hard and that i'm destined to never be able to provide for my family and never be able to buy my partner a Birthday/Christmas gift ever unless i use the money that she works for but that's not who i am, so looks like my only opinion is to continue full steam ahead and hope that one day not to long from now someone in this country will see my application, read my C.V. and give me a chance. It's all i can do really, there is no other opinion because all other opinions means admitting defeat and that's something i certainly don't want to pass on to my kids.

Yes it feels like crap now and even though i didn't think getting this rejection would bother me that much it really has since it was the first job i have the experience and everything else required for, but you win some and you loose some i guess, it's time to get back on the saddle and continue as if nothing has happened.

Sorry for the downer post but what can i say, i feel pretty crap right now about it and the whole job searching thing but things will change if i work hard enough for it, so until next time......

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