Monday, 19 March 2012

Tooth fairy

After the last 2 blog posts i decided that i would try and lighten up the mood of the blog again at the start of this week.

I was sitting on the couch the other day with the 2 boys and Marie and out of the blue Max turned around and said:
"I really want to loose some teeth so that i can get some money"

Shocked by the statement i decided to act fast on my way to the back door as i headed out for a cigarette and came back with:

"Sorry dude, but you don't get money from the tooth fairy anymore!"

I'm not quite sure he got it as he had to double confirm that i actually meant you don't actually receive a coin under your pillow now from the tooth fairy, and then proceeded to ask the normal question that comes out of every child's mouth when confronted with things they don't like.... Why????

Of course as the words left  his mouth i was faced with a dilemma, What the hell am i meant to say now?? and then it came to me!

"Well, it's because the Tooth Fairy is on holiday at the moment! WITH SANTA!"

Safe to say he didn't believe me especially as i then decided to take it one step further and said that the Easter Bunny was with them too so that there would be no Easter as well.

But for me i thought it was absolutely hilarious, i mean i'm not normally that quick of the draw but when i have my moments i think they're quite amusing!

So i hope that everyone else had a great weekend, and that you have a great week!

So until next time......


mum said...

Your a very cruel Daddy..... lol What would you've done if me & your Dad tried that with you and your sister haha ?....

Ben said...

Surprised you didn't lol :P Hey knowing me you might have gotten away with it ;D

mum said...

well didn't think of it at the time:D but your probably right I might I've got away with :D