Thursday, 15 March 2012


I would firstly like to start this post off by saying that i apologise for any language use that may cause offence to anyone, this is not my intention but due to the nature of the post a few profanity words may infact be placed here and there.

So you may all be wondering what has got this Angry Scot so annoyed that he has decided that he would actually include profanity in a post? Well let me tell you.....

It all began on Tuesday with a phone call from my fiancée Marie asking me to go up and collect the kids, at first i was thinking that she meant later on, as in after school had finished but as the conversation went on i quickly realised she meant RIGHT NOW!
The children every Tuesday have "Show & Tell" where like you would expect they bring a item from home, a teddy bear, a favorite car etc into school to show their class mates and tell them where, how and why they got it. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what i'm talking about, especially my American readers.

However this week a child in my sons class (Obviously names will not be given) had brought with a Cable Tie into class as his item for "Show & Tell"

However after showing his item to the class and the teacher, which is obviously NOTHING a boy of either 6/7 years old should have in their possession he promptly sat down and they class continued with their "Show  & Tell".... Notice anything i missed out? Like for example:

The Teacher Neglecting To Take The Item From The Child?????

So during a break this little boy who my son is friends with decided that him and my son would play a game, the game being something along the lines of "Dog Owner & Dog" and who got to be the dog?? You guessed it my little boy of 6 years old Max, what followed next is what is the most scariest thing i have ever had to face and hear in my life as a parent.
My son and the little boy who had brought this product into school decided that it would be a great idea to place the item around my sons neck and use the cable tie as a dog collar and leash and during the process what happened??

You Guessed It!!!! The cable tie tightened and my Son was left there CHOKING to death.

Lucky for us a teacher had noticed what had happened and in a state of shock and panic decided to run off and grab another teacher who was able to remove the cable tie from around my sons neck, by that time of course my son had turned blue and was on the verges of passing out from not being able to breath!

Thankfully he is absolutely fine and no major harm was done, but still....

Please note that the date on the camera was not set correctly so you can ignore the date and time.

I of course charged up to the school on a rampage ready to take someone down for this, i wanted blood for what had happened and i managed to catch the headmistress of the school and talk to her when i arrived up there, not that i got to do much talking as she constantly cut me off and spoke to Max instead, I have to say not being absolutely 100% fluent in Swedish really made me more angry than i already was since i couldn't convey my true emotions in the way i would like.

Well apparently now they have had a meeting and wrote a report so that this doesn't happen again, we have also been given a copy of the report, which i would have loved to also post here, but nobody would understand it and i'm guessing i probably wouldn't be allowed but basically the outcome from the school is that they are sorry that this happened and are in the process of making changes so that this type of thing doesn't happen again.... LIKE I REALLY GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOUR GOING TO DO, what about the fucking teacher??? you know the one that saw the little boy standing in front of his class showing off his cool cable tie that you NEGLECTED!!!!!! to take off the child? What is going to happen to her?

It is most likely that nothing will happen to her, because like everything in Sweden the ones in the wrong are always protected in some way shape or form, i mean seriously what has to happen before we get some bloody rights??? has my son to die? i mean seriously are you fricken kidding me???? We have been in touch with the local council who is in charge of the school who is currently investigating what happened and going to be getting back to us at some point today about what we are able to do about this, but seeing as we got this report which states that the school for the time being has removed "Show & Tell" and they will be inspecting the children's bags on a daily basis, then it is most likely we will be unable to do anything.

I am so angry right now, words honestly cannot express enough. I personally don't hold the school itself accountable, the only thing that they are in the wrong for is employing a teacher who is obviously incompetent at her job and is not fit to look after children, but it just makes me so angry that she will get a little slap on the wrist and told not to do anything that stupid again and get away totally free, yea she might have said Sorry and she might have shown some remorse for what happened, but what does that really matter?? in all honesty i could have lost my son on Tuesday and then what would they have done?

I don't blame the boys parents because i don't know if they even knew there son had the cable tie, so without knowing that i cannot blame them. And i cannot blame my son or his friend either they are 6/7 years old and do not understand the severity of some of their actions especially with things like cable ties, they were playing a harmless game with something that should not have been in their possession. But i can blame their teacher, she seem the item and she neglected to take it away from him, knowing exactly what the item is designed for and how it works.

So i appeal to all my readers who have children to make sure your children do not take anything that could possibly be dangerous to either themselves or others to school, double & triple check their backpacks as i would hate for this to happen to anyone elses!

But i guess that is all i have to say on this right now, i again apologise for the few profanity words that i used in this post but i'm guessing that 99.9% of parents can understand the rage that i am currently in, i will of course be writing another post in regards to this once we have heard back from the local council but please make this post gets out there so that everyone who has children can be even more vigilant. Something that starts out as a harmless game can turn very quickly into something that could end in death.

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Christine G said...

Oh my goodness, how scary!! That is one of my greatest fears--that my son will get strangled by cords or blinds or something. You have every right to be upset! I'm so glad your son is ok!! Poor guy! And even though the other kid didn't mean any harm, someone should definitely let his parents know the kind of stuff he's bringing to school.