Thursday, 22 March 2012

Time To Get In Shape!

I never ever in my whole entire life thought i would ever say this or even think it, but seriously i need to loose some weight and pretty fast too!
For the people who don't know me personally or knew me growing up i was the typical tall skinny guy who could eat what he wanted, when he wanted and how much he wanted without ever having to think about "Is this going to make me gain weight?"

I mean my diet when i lived in the UK consisted off eating fried food, chinese from the takeaway and pretty much every sort of junk food available to mankind, however when i moved to Sweden things all changed. I went from eating what people would describe as Junk Food to food that was made from scratch and what i would consider alot more healthy. Sure i still eat alot of crap, bags of crisps and chocolate and drink a bucket load of tea and fizzy juice.

But as you will see below, the switch of my diet has actually done more wrong for me than it did good! Sure i needed to gain some weight that was a given but i haven't stopped!

Living In The United Kingdom: 11 Stone (154Lbs/70kg)
6 Years After Living In Sweden: 95.7 kg (15 Stone/211Lbs)
Total Weight Gain: 25.7kg (4 Stone/57Lbs)

As you can see i have gained a massive amount of weight in only 6 years living here, and i fear that if i don't do something NOW! then i fear that i will just continue on the road i'm on gaining weight until the point where there is no turning back!

So i have decided that this is my last week of living the way i do, people might be thinking "Why not just start now?" and the reason is i want to start a fresh, so the best thing i can do is enjoy my last couple of days of eating what i like and when i like. But when Monday comes around i'm going to start getting back into shape, i have not yet decided how i'm going to get into shape but i have a couple of days to figure it out and of course with getting into shape will also mean that i will be eating correctly as well, and that is probably going to entail cutting out all the crap i eat: Crisps, Fizzy Juice etc.

But i think that is all for now! So until next time have a great day......


mum said...

all the best on your new diet then so hopefully if you's do come over in August you should have lost a few pounds then xxx

Sephira said...

I think thats good for you. But never think of it as a diet. It has to be a lifestyle change else it won't last xx