Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Xbox Kinect!

So at the end of last week, my Xbox Kinect arrived!!! I got to say when i first seen it i thought the whole concept would have been awsome fun for all the family, but after playing it over the weekend i am now regretting it....


The actual games are really a good laugh and although only 2 people can play at one time, it's still alot of fun watching the people playing making a fool out of themselves, especially me :P Lucky for us the twins were away to their dads for the weekend so we got a chance to just chill out and play it without having to worry about the kiddies (I know that's bad to say as a parent, but i'm sure you get what i mean).

But the kids came back yesterday and we decided after dinner that we would let them have a go, well lets just say i don't think they have had so much fun in all their lives!

If you want to watch my twin boys having a blast on it you can view the video >HERE!
I was a bit of a moron and uploaded it to Facebook instead, but seeing as it's public you shouldn't have any issues watching it :) So enjoy!

But for now i think i shall head off! So until next time...


mum said...

loved watching max and alex's having so much fun and the little clap they gave themselves at the end of the game was soooo cute xx

Ahnuld said...

Get your ass to mars.

jevon hayter said...

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