Thursday, 1 March 2012

I'm Back!

It's been quite a while since my last blog post and for that i would like to apologise, it's not because i haven't wanted to blog about anything or anything like that but i just feel like nothing that happened during the course of February was actually interesting or even worth blogging about since nothing major happened apart from the normal day to day stuff like taking the kids to school and searching for work. 
But i am hoping that this month things will pick up a bit.

So what's actually been happening with The Angry Scot over the course of February?

Well as i said nothing much, i started off really great on the whole Swedish thing and during February i was getting pretty damn awsome at speaking the language, so much so that people on my Facebook that are Swedish were complimenting me on how great it was coming along and how impressed they were at how much i was talking and writing it. On top of that i even had a person at Marie's work tell Marie how impressed she was since normally when i phone and Marie doesn't answer it's the normal "She's not here right now, hold on a second and i'll get her" without even asking who it is or anything but recently the woman was having to ask "Who's calling?" to hear this from a Swedish person i don't even know is absolutely fantastic in my book, it shows me that whatever i am doing is certainly in the right direction. 

However things started to go a bit downhill over the last few weeks, it wasn't anyone's fault but Marie ended up with severe toothache which ended up in her having 2 teeth removed including her wisdom tooth and during this 2 week period i felt when speaking to her she wasn't really listening to what i was saying, not that i can blame her. But without her actually listening and then correcting me i kept feeling like i was making a tonne of mistakes that was going un-noticed instead of how it was before her tooth flared up where she would pick up on every single thing correct me and then try and explain why.

So i kind of gave up again there for a bit, and due to that i have kind of fallen back to my old ways of it's easier with English, it's not like i have completely stopped with Swedish i'm still sending text messages to Marie in Swedish, my whole Facebook page has turned completely Swedish (Thanks Bling for allowing all my non Swedish friends to hit a translate button ;) ) but i have really let me speaking fall to the waist side as the saying goes. So it's time to change that again and go back to full Swedish as i was really enjoying it and i felt i was making amazing progress.

But other than the whole Swedish thing not alot has happened, i have been going crazy on the job front and been sending out a tonne of applications, in which most have come back with the patronizing crap that they like to send out "Thanks, but no thanks and good luck in the future" but i found a great job working for a transport company in a town about 30mins from here called Vara which would be absolutely awsome if i got since i have done everything they want for about 7 years when i was back in the UK so fingers crossed for that one. It's not very often you find a job that ticks all the boxes so i think i will be rather disappointed if i don't at least get a interview for this one.

I think that is all though, i have a meeting with my Job Coach today finally! apparently she is now pregnant and been having some issues with it so her doctor has put her on Part Time work and she was finding it hard arranging meetings with people she was coaching but we have a meeting today so fingers crossed she has some news on a Practice Place as they like to call them here for me or something.

But until next time i shall bid you all farewell, hope everyone is having a great day!

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