Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day, Hubbie!!!

Yes as you all might understand, this is NOT The Angry Scot writing a blogpost.

So who am i??
Yep, you guessed right, it's Marie, his partner in crime <3

I remember meeting this Angry Scot online, it is almost exactly 6 years ago this month. We met in the world of Azeroth, World of Warcraft.
I remember thinking "-Who is this idiot that just thinks he can steal my creatures to kill??", "-What a f***ing moron!".
I wasn't impressed at all, but for some reason we started talking in the chat.
And believe it or not, he was actually quite nice talking to.
And from that day we started to play together most of the time. We even started a "guild" (group of people playing together) with some other friends.
After a few weeks when we were playing together we started Skype up.


I could not understand a single word that came out of his and his friends mouths.
Yep, they spoke with a broad scottish accent, and here i sat in Sweden with the english i learned in school.

But i learned after a while, and he tried his very best to speak clearer.

It took a few weeks more, and then we had "the talk", he finally told me what he felt and i told him.
It was the second best day ever.
The best day came a one month after that, and i still can't believe that i did this (i would surely kill my own daughter if she ever came up with the idea), but i flew over to Scotland on my own meeting this Angry Scot for the very first time.

He found me straight away at the airport, and it just clicked between us, the most amazing feeling ever!
A week later he came back to Sweden with me and we have not been apart since.

And the rest is like they say history.

I love this man more than life itself, he is kind, loving and gentle.
He cares about everything and sometimes he even care to much and overthink things.
He is the one that makes my heart feel warm and the one who always will be the keeper of my heart.
He is also the one that keeps me grounded and the one who i always listen to when i need advice.
He is the one i'm going to spend the rest of my life with, and i wouldn't change anything.
I am so proud to have him as my partner.
He is just the best.

I love you so much, words isn't even enough to tell you.
Yours always and forever <3

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