Monday, 6 February 2012

Birthday Wishes.

Yesterday was a very special day in the house, why you might be asking? Well my little girl turned 15 years old, and honestly it made me feel like very old!

I honestly still can't believe how fast time has gone, it feels like it was only yesterday that i met this little 9 year old girl and yesterday she turned 15.

She and a few friends had decided to have a combined birthday party on Saturday at a friends house since 3 of them have their birthday in February so she had come home with her Gran & Grandad to celebrate with us yesterday (her real birthday) and we all sat down with some cake that Marie had made and gave our the gifts, i think she was a little bit more than happy at the fact we had gotten her a new laptop, since she had broken the last one. It wasn't actually her fault that it broke but it was unable to be repaired so we had decided that we would get her a new one. So i think that made the day for her at least now she doesn't have to borrow Marie's laptop every time she wants to do something.

I still just can't believe that she is already 15 years old, it's such a scary thing watching your children growing up at times, they are so awsome when they are babies and you think about everything that they will do as they grow up but as they grow you begin to realise than your also growing old but i guess that's just how life is.
But if i had to choose any daughter in the world to have been given she would definitely be my number one choice, i have only known her 6 years but in the 6 years of watching her grow she has become a beautiful and very intelligent young woman who i can see good things for in the future if she continues the way she is.

But for now i shall bid you all farewell, so until next time i hope you have a great day!

Tomorrow i'll be doing something that i don't normally ever do on this blog. I'm going to be sharing a recipe that myself and Marie tried out over the weekend while all the kids were away and i must say if your looking for something very tasty to try out then don't forget to stop by tomorrow!

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